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Mar 9, 2007 01:23 AM

Interesting Indian food sites/blogs?

I've been looking at Chow for the last few months and enjoy it. However, being an Indian in India (not an expat), I'd sometimes appreciate a little more Indian slant.

Does anybody know any good India-based food sites/blogs (along the lines of Chow)? That is, with experimental recipes, restaurant reviews, discussion boards? Would love to start one myself but I'm somewhat of a technophobe.

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  1. This is a website of an Indian lady in the U.S. There are many links to Indian food blogs based in the U.S. as well as India. follow the links from her site to ohter sites and repeat the procedure at the new site.You will find many blogs theis way.

    1. Bulldog, was there supposed to be a link in your post? If so, it didn't show up. As I might be going to India in July (I know, not a great time to go, but I have no choice in the matter), 'm interested in looking at the website you mentioned. Would you please put the address in the body of a post. Thank you.

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      1. is probably the best site of this sort. Its not heavily restaurant focussed but has a lot of discussion.

        there are tons of indian food blogs Here is the bloglist of one good blog, mahanandi

        Ive looked and looked for good restaurant review sites - I think there is one in Hyderabad

        There is a lot of restaurant info (some good reviews some seemingly industry-driven) in The Hindu Online - with editions for different major cities, but again not a discussion forum

        There are a couple of ther places online where people can post reviews, and other sources of good info, Outlook Traveller, some of the other online newspapers, some of the local booster sites but they are pretty scanty and there is no interaction.

        There are a lot of local city guides springing up like this as commercial initiatives - hard to be sure of the value of their content tho

        The US traveler forums Ive checked out are uniformly pretty shallow in their discussion of Indian restaurant options.

        If you find any other good discussions, or even better start one! I hope you post back.

        1. I've been following the discussions you've started here regarding your trip to visit your daughter. I eagerly await your reports from the trip. I will not know if I will be going to India until at least the end of March, but i've been trolling the anothercontinent website since I first saw it mentioned. I will check out the other sites you recommend as well as the one Bulldog suggests.

          Enjoy your trip!

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          1. re: Deven Black

            Deven, Im not going til October, so I'm looking forward to hearing about yours, first.

          2. The original comment has been removed