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Mar 8, 2007 11:45 PM

Anything new/better/worse in Taos?

Will be in Taos the first week of April and was wondering if there was anything new and noteworthy. Any opinions on Sabroso (the Momentitos replacement) or Chef Damon's place? Also, how are Joseph's Table, De La Tierra, and Byzantium doing?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. We had a terrible lunch at Joseph's Table back in the fall. Don't know if it was a one-off thing as it's our only experience there. If you do go, watch the service as that seemed to be the main root of the issues when we were there.

    Here's the review:

    We were only up there for the afternoon so can't offer anything on the other options you mentioned.

    1. I've found Joseph's Table to be an enigma. Had a pretty mediocre dinner after he re-opened in La Fonda. But, then we've had three absolutely stellar dinners since then. Sent friends and one reported back bad, the other fantastic. Seems to be a crap shoot with a slight edge towards great.

      The Relleno Cafe by Antonio is a small place, best for lunch. "Antonio's" main restaurant called "Antonio's" (go figure) is in Ranchos in the original Joseph's Table space. I love the place. Haven't been to Sabroso but if it's less pretentious than Momentitos, that will be a good thing. Lambert's has always been consistently excellent. Doc Martin's consistently bland.
      Dragonfly Cafe is unassuming but innovative and fantastic. Our favorite is Orlando's!

      1. We moved to Taos in November, and this board was very helpful. I have been meaning to write an update about our dining experiences over the last few months.

        -Antonio's Rellenos Cafe/Antonio's: Antonio's Rellenos (near the plaza) is open 10 AM - 3 PM Monday - Saturday. Antonio's (in Ranchos) is open 5-9 PM. Antonio usually seems to be present at whichever restaurant is open, so I assume the staggered hours allow him to preside over both restaurants.

        - Joseph's Table: We eat there at least once a month and are consistently pleased. Considering the quality, I think it is a good value for the money. (We have never been for lunch, though.)

        - Joseph's Mainstreet Bakery: Joseph (of Joseph's Table) has taken over the Mainstreet Bakery -- off the Plaza on Placita. They have breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday. Pleasant space, good food. You can get the bread at Cid's and Smith's also.

        - Sabroso: Not cheap, but quite good and nice atmosphere. Their specialty is wood-grilled steaks, fish, etc. During at least one visit, the waitstaff were totally disorganized, but they comped our dessert.

        - Chef Damon's: We went once a month or so ago, and they weren't serving alcohol yet. It felt like they were still getting their act together. The food was good, and much less expensive than Joseph's Table. (The chef used to work at Joseph's Table.) As I said, we have only been once, so this is just my preliminary opinion.

        - De La Tierra: A new chef arrived last month and, per an interview with him on KTAO, has not really changed the menu yet. He said he was trying some new specials. We haven't eaten there much since I knew they were playing musical chefs.

        - Caffe Renato: Went for the first time a couple weeks ago, and it exceeded expectations. We were hurrying to make the start of a movie, though, so I wasn't concentrating much on the food.

        - Byzantium: Still haven't been. It always looks dead, and they never market to locals. I always forget about it!

        That is all that springs to mind! Good luck!