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Mar 8, 2007 09:28 PM

Kabob Place at the Westside Pavillion - Any Good?

Someone who is Persian told me today that there is a fast-food kabob restaurant in the food court at the Westside Pavillion and that it is pretty good. Could this possibly be true? Anyone know this place? She said it is Turkish-owned. I love Turkish food; more easily found in NYC. Could there really be a Turkish restaurant in our midst?

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  1. I have not been to the restaurant itself, but a lot of Iranians in LA are ethnically Turkish, so it would make sense. I wonder if the menu varies at all from the standard Persian restaurant. I would love to see the menu.

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      I think it's just a fast food place, no fancy menu. My Persian friend is not ethnically Turkish. I was not aware that many Iranians in L.A. were ethnically Turkish.

      The Turkish food that I have had in New York is very different from Persian food and I like it better (or maybe I've just been to better Turkish restaurants than Persian ones). Oh, what I would give for a good Turkish restaurant in L.A.

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        Omatosando, since you said you missed Turkish food here in LA, I found this list of Turkish restaurants in LA and OC for you on the the Turkish-American Association of So. Cal. website. Sofra, the place in the Westside Pavillion, may have what you have been missing. If not, there are other Turkish options below too.

        Westside Pavillion Food Court
        10800 W. Pico Blvd. #302
        Los Angeles, CA 90064

        Moonlight-Sako's Middle Eastern Cuisine
        6736 Corbin Ave.
        Reseda, CA 91335
        818 342 8710

        The Bayfront Café
        LIDO Island
        3412 Via Oporto, # 103
        Newport Beach, CA 92663 US

        Coach's Mediterranean Grill
        200 Main St. # 105
        Huntington Beach, CA 92648

        108 W. Channel Road
        Santa Monica Canyon, CA 90402
        310-230-9100 888-642-6667

        Kebab Master
        USC Campus Food Court
        3333 South Hoover St.
        Los Angeles, CA 90007

        GULEN'S Mediterranean Foods
        Century City Mall
        10250 Santa Monica Blvd., P#9
        Los Angeles, CA 90067

        Turk Mutfagi-Turkish Home Cuisine
        3101 Bagley Ave.
        Los Angeles, CA 90034

        Fiesta Feast
        17336 Sunset Blvd.
        Pacific Palisades, CA, 90272

        1. re: katkoupai

          Katkoupai, thanks for providing this list.

          I thought I ate at Coach's in Huntington Beach a couple of years ago , but on reflection, I think it was another restaurant in Huntington Beach that was on Beach Blvd., not Main Street. Perhaps it is not there anymore. I remember that it was really delicious despite this kind of shabby interior. Gulen's in the Century City Mall is awful.

          Thanks for providing the name of the place in the Westside Pavillion. I will give it a try and report back.

          P.S. I just found Sofra's menu online. It is dirt cheap - only $5.99 for chicken kabob plate.

          1. re: omotosando

            Yes, I think it has to compete with the other food options in the mall. I'm going to try to find the menu too. :) And you're welcome. I know what it's like to miss a certain type of food in a city away from home. I hope you like at least one of more of these places. :)

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              Actually the prices they have on the web page are not the same like in the store...the thing is the owner has to change the menu ....but is a pretty good option , you should try it...the Adana kebab is pretty good ...ground beef , pepper paste and a lot of seasonings...but i like the Chicken adana too ......seasoned ground chicken breast...

              1. re: omotosando

                I was surprised when I read your opinion on Gulen's. Gulen's has probably my favorite gyros in the whole L.A. area. I'm originally from Chicago, and it reminds me a lot of the gyros served in the Greek places back there. What I'm looking for now is something similar in (or closer to) Orange County.

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              confirming omotosando's demographics...

          2. I've gotten food at Sofra, the place in question at the Westside Pavilion. Yes, it's pretty good, not amazing or memorable, but arguably a distinctly better choice than the other standard food court offerings in that location. I wouldn't label the menu selection as Turkish but rather a more generic hybrid of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean. It's more than adequate for a fast bite at the mall, but I certainly wouldn't go out of my way for it, particularly with all the other prime Middle Eastern options available in the same neighborhood.

            1. I have a theory that most mall food courts have one option that is better than the others -- so at Sherman Oaks Fashion Square, it's the crepe place and at Westside Pavilion, it's Sofra. It's not mindblowing -- but it's a damn sight better than anything else in the mall or immediately adjacent thereto.

              Serra's in Studio City (what used to be the female-impersonator club, on Ventura near Whitsett) serves Turkish Cuisine.

              Most Turkish places in LA advertise themselves as Mediterranean or Middle Eastern due to the large numbers of Armenians in LA.

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              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                I would agree with your theory with a caveat: at the Westside Pavillion, there are better options immediately adjacent to the mall - Torafuku, for example. Obviously a different kind of place - both in ethnicity and in level of formality/service - but a fine choice for those who want dinner and a movie within walking distance of each other.

              2. Finally made it to Sofra at the Westside Pavillion. Okay if you are stuck in the mall (a horrible fate for those of us who don't like shopping malls). Definitely wouldn't go out of my way for it. The search for quick kabob on the Westside goes on.

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                1. re: omotosando

                  Thanks for the post. If you find something better, please post. :)

                2. Definitely try Sasoon in Tarzana on Ventura (18970 Ventura). Excellent Mediterranean food; kabobs, shwarma and more! Best I've found in L.A. area. (We're used to Chicago Turkish food, which is amazing..) Try Sasoon, the prices are extremely reasonable and the food is very good!