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Mar 8, 2007 09:01 PM

best veggie burger? astro?

does astro have the best veggie burger in LA? hows fat burger's veggie burger?

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  1. dunno about those two, but i like the veggie burger that is served at the counter in santa monica. their burger is not an 'imitation meat' burger, rather it is a patty of beans and vegetables that forms an excellent platform for the addtions they offer-in particular the great blue cheese.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      I think you either love the Counter's veggie burger or hate tastes really, really odd to me.

      1. re: running pig

        probably tastes odd to you because it is not meat-like. it is not imitation meat, rather is is a vegetable patty.

        1. re: westsidegal

          So you've said. Twice :)

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      2. re: westsidegal

        as a lifelong vegetarian i have had many burgers all over town.don't like the gardenburgers/boca at restaurants. my #1 favorite is at lucky is so good!

      3. I had this sandwich, that kind of looked like a burger, at Porto's in Glendale today that was called the Glendale Veggie. Okay, it's not a veggie burger, by any means, but it was really good, and when I read your post, I had to tell you. I had resolved never to go to Porto's again after the last time I went (it was too crowded and crazy), but I was really happy with the Glendale Veggie sandwich today. It looks like an oversized burger, but it has thin layers of grilled vegetables, a little bit of hummus, lettuce, tomato and cheese, and homemade round bread. You can order it from the less crowded side of the restaurant, near the coffee and juice bar.

        1. The Big Macro at M Chaya is my personal favorite..

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          1. re: Suebee

            I second the Big Macro at M Chaya (tho' I would recommend it without the soy cheese, which is totally unnecessary and not very good because it's, uh, soy cheese). It's got a fantastic texture --perhaps because it's made with brown rice and actual veggies instead of some super processed soy protein? I don't even like veggie burgers, except for this one, which I love.

          2. depends what kind you're looking for...

            newsroom cafe had a good one last time i was there.

            i may get flogged for saying this, but johnny rockets does a pretty decent veggie burger (the streamliner) and best w/ tillamook. completely unlike newsroom, this is a patty, not a burger of discernable healthful ingredients.

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            1. re: Emme

              they use boca burgers. damn delicious and satisfies the fastfood craving, but just chain food!

              1. re: kazhound

                I don't eat veggie burgers that often, so thanks for the info... In fact, I never eat a "burger" per se because I hate sandwiches, but it's nice to know what I'm eating in my deconstruction :-)

            2. I actually had a fantastic veggie burger at Houston's.

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              1. re: OCGirl

                It seems as if Houston's is another veggie burger you either love or hate, probably because it is unusual. It seems to have beets in it, making it red. It is also difficult to eat with one's hands. I happen to really love this burger; my GF just doesn't.

                Too many places use food service packs of frozen Gardenburgers or Boca Burgers. While sometimes the toppings can make these burgers worth eating while eating out, for the most part - what's the point??? I can eat those at home.

                1. re: igj

                  Yes, I don't like those boxed frozen gardenburgers. They are horrible. I'd rather eat a salad or something where I know what I'm eating. I find the frozen gardenburgers taste too processed.

                  1. re: katkoupai

                    Mmm I like that processed pretend meat taste. :)

                2. re: OCGirl

                  i just have to second the houston's recommendation. the veggie burger is great! it definitely has beets and maybe some oats. it's a fork-and-knife kind of burger, but i love it.

                  1. re: OCGirl

                    Agree w/OCGirl re: Houston's. It is made with beets, brown rice and black beans and has a delicious grill taste. Love it.

                    LA Food Show in Manhattan Beach (and opening soon in BH) has a good house-made veggie burger as also comes on a whole wheat bun.

                    1. re: highendhats

                      another vote for houston's.

                      oats, black beans, brown rice, molasses...great recipe. a hands-down favorite that i'd gladly eat every day. [no cheese on mine, thanks...but i'll take a side of hickory bbq sauce.]

                      arifa was right,'s definitely a fork-and-knife deal. the bun is superfluous.