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Mar 8, 2007 08:02 PM

CPK Express - Sherman Oaks Fashion Center

I noticed a mini-CPK with walk-up and order counters opened. Has anyone tried it? Is it as good as their sit down restaurants? What's good there, and what's bad?

Anyone, anyone? TIA.

GK in SO

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  1. Do you mean CPK ASAP? That's the mini-CPK concept I've seen. I haven't encountered it in malls yet, but I've tried locations at various airports. My conclusion: It's not as good as the full-service restaurants and represents a cheapening of the CPK brand. The menu is limited to a few crowd-pleasers and does not have the variety and innovation of the full CPK menu. Also, the pizzas just didn't taste as good as in the restaurant.

    I think it might be acceptable if you're in a hurry and the options are limited, but given a choice, I'll always opt for the full-service restaurant. I've been a loyal CPK customer for over 15 years, but I think the ASAP concept is a mistake. CPK has created a certain image and maintained a high degree of quality by opening only a few locations in each city, usually in upscale malls. Having scaled-down versions in mall food courts and airport terminals just dilutes the brand too much.

    1. I've ordered salads and pizzas to go from CPK - I would recommend against the salads. they're never half as good or fresh as they usually are at the sit-down CPKs. the pizzas are usually ok (if you usually like CPK's pizzas at their sit-down locations, that is), but I found that the crusts get chewy and tough very quickly.