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Black Sheep Bistro, Tustin, CA.

This was without a doubt the most delightful dining experience of my life. Every aspect was impeccable from beginning to end. The surroundings were classy yet comfortable. The service was attentive, friendly, yet low-pressure. Every dish was exquisite: The three of us shared the Iberian Dates (sausage-stuffed and wrapped in prosciutto), garlic toast with herbed goat cheese, grilled duck, New York steak, and lamb, house salad, wild mushroom soup, quail, a bottle of California Shiraz, two incredible deserts, and coffee for $200 (not including tip), and we all left stuffed to the gills! Everything was seasoned and cooked to perfection. I can't wait to go back!


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  1. they use to do an all you can eat paella...:)

    1. sounds good to me . . . .

      1. Black Sheep is a real sleeper of a place, and sort of meant to be that way. The owners don't want to "go big" and create a restaurant empire (basically creating a bunch of soulless clones of their original, cashing in and checking out), and I admire them for that. They know what they do well, and they keep doing it, consistently, which (as any restaurateur will tell you) is what most patrons want - consistency.

        1. We went to BSB last night and weren't disappointed. Yes, the room is kind of weird, but the food, the long, well priced European wine list and friendly service made up for it. We also had the dates and the mussels as appetisers which were excellent. Entrees we tried the quail and the lamb three ways (a stew baked into an onion, grilled chops and loin) which was also very flavourful. For some reason the salad dressing was a stand out for me (SO much flavor), I think I would go back just for that! Rick the chef came out and chatted to us - he is very friendly and knowledgable about food from the South of France and Spain. I am thrilled to have discovered this place in my neighbourhood and will be back soon for the paella (and the salad dressing!).

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            Went for the first time back in December, and thoroughly enjoyed it, too.

            It's a bit pricey to visit on a regular basis, but it's at the top of my list for special evenings like birthdays or anniversaries or impressing out-of-town guests.

            Black Sheep Bistro
            303 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780

          2. Shhhhhhh! That's my secret!!

            Those quail and the little lamb chops are INCREDIBLE. The paella was OK but next time I just want the tapas.

            1. Man, I love living in Tustin. So many great places to try.
              Adding this to my list now too. ;-)

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                Me too - I'm thrilled to live in this city! Can we make a list? My favorites so far are:
                Black Sheep, Cream Pan, Beach Pit BBQ, Haveli, China Palace, Maki Zushi, Z Pizza and Christakas (sp) - (the greek place on Newport).

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                  Don't forget Claro's, Zov's Bistro, Zon Baguette, and Honda-Ya, not to mention OC's only Whole Paycheque. Tustin truly is the little suburb with the big Chow credentials.

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                    I'm not a fan of Zov's but it made me think of my FAVORITE that I can't believe I forgot - Tropika on 17th. Only authentic Malaysian I've found in OC and certainly the best Roti Prata.......

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                      Good call on Tropika and China Palace. Just got takeout from both restaurants over the weekend, and I have to say, once again I heart Tustin!

              2. can i take a poll: how many have tried the paella here and how many liked/disliked it?? i've been meaning to try it and still haven't gotten around to it. it's just so hard to find a good paella place. ;d

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                  Our last meal at Black Sheep Bistro was at least four years ago. I'm surprised I haven't been back since, but it's not exactly in our neighborhood and obviously doesn't make my radar. Our experiences have been really nice. This isn't high-octane contemporary dining inspired by the LA food movement. This is classic European style dining in a decidedly old-school environment. That is, by no means, a bad thing . . . it's just not trying to be new or different. More classic and rustic. I do recall the lamb being particularly nice.

                  R. Jason Coulston

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                    I'm curious about their paella too since that's something I would have probably ordered. Since its a Spanish restaurant, I would have assumed their paella would have been good.

                    If not the paella, what are their best, can't miss dishes? The lamb?