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Mar 8, 2007 07:56 PM

Where do I get Tomatillos?

I love love love salsa verde and would like to try making it at home, but I haven't seen tomatillos in my grocery...has anyone seen them in theirs? Also maybe what do they look like (eg. are they sold in leaves? I think I heard something like that once)? Thanks so much! I'm in the North York area, so that area may be better for me, but if there's a particular store in Kensington or Chinatown downtown I may be able to reach there as well!!!

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  1. You can only find them during certain seasons in Kensington market. I don't recall the store name but it is right on Augusta next door to the Chilean empanadas place (Jumbo Empanadas).

    1. Perola is the store on Augusta where you'll find tomatillos and all the other stuff for making salsa verde. Whole Foods on Avenue Road also sells tomatillos but their prices are stratospheric!

      1. They're sold either with or without their papery husks, not leaves.

        You remove and discard the husks prior to preparing the salsa.

        1. I see them in summer/early fall months at most Loblaws.

          1. I bought them last sunday at WF in Hazelton