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Mar 8, 2007 07:16 PM

Stuck in Riverside/Colton--Help

I have been stuck here all week and have to come back next week. Is there any where good to eat here? Any type fair would be considered.

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  1. There is a really good "soul food" BBQ restaurant on the pedestrian way between the Mission Inn and the Convention center in Riverside. Yum - sweet potato pie, ribs, great cole slaw and side dishes. They have patio tables.

    1. RAXX Barbecue & Brewing Co.
      3397 Mission Inn Ave.
      Riverside, CA 92501
      (951) 784-2739
      Great beer selection, try their frickles appetizer (deep fried pickles, sounds weird but very good).

      Napoli Italian Restaurant
      24960 Redlands Blvd
      Loma Linda, CA 92354
      (909) 796-3770
      Good but not great Italian.

      Ravi's India Cuisine
      1091 S Mount Vernon Ave Ste G
      Colton, CA 92324
      (909) 824-1100
      Very good Indian food.

      Pho Saigon
      1450 University Ave Ste N
      Riverside, CA 92507
      (909) 369-0306
      Decent Vietnamese.

      Also, if you have a car Redlands has many good restaurants along Orange and State Streets (Joe Greensleeves, The Farm Artisan Foods, Citrone, Gourmet Pizza Shoppe)

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        I strongly second Ravi's. We always make a pit stop there on the way to Palm Springs or ask friends passing through to get us a ton of take-out.

      2. Mario's across from the Mission Inn in riverside is excellent high end Italian. The Pacific Cafe in downtown Riverside is also very good -- bento boxes, teriyaki and tempura are solid, the sushi just kind of so-so.

        1. Hi-

          Colton chow is discussed on the L.A. board, please repost the Colton part of your query there.


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            Sometime I wish the Chowhound Team would create a map of the regions. Colton is 5 miles from Riverside and 60 miles from LA. The geographical definitions are very ambiguous. Is anyone from the Team from the respective areas?

          2. The Mexican restaurant at the Mission Inn is suprisingly not bad.
            There is a Mexican grocery called Cardenas just S of there - good Cocina - I like the stewed chicharron. Also check out the guatamalan bakery: