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Dinner near Pantages theater?

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Taking 5 preteen girls by subway to an early eve show at the Pantages on a Sunday. Got any suggestions as to where I can take a vegan and several fussy youthful eaters?

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  1. Lucky Devils on Hollywood Blvd (oh, yeah, vegan might be a problem) but the burgers & shakes would probably be great for the others. You can check out the menu online and see if there is something for everyone.

      1. The closest vegan place is Truly, which is on Hollywood at Bronson. If you're a walker, it's a breeze, but it's a hike if you're not accustomed to walking or if you're in non-walking shoes. It's 0.4 mile each way.

        1. In the area, I'd consider M Cafe de Chaya, to accommodate all the palates... I'm not sure if fussy means healthier or fussy like mac'n'cheese or chicken fingers only.

          California Vegan is a bit of a drive; Newsroom Cafe, though also a drive, might be a good fit given your requirements. Again, not perfect area, but Hugo's accomodates all palates.

          Paru's, on the "other side" would be good if they'll do Indian.

          Kung Pao Kitty and Kung Pao Bistro could both do tofu dishes to accomodate the vegan.

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            So sorry, my mind completely missed the "by subway," so most if not all of my suggestions are useless... Oops and sorry again...

          2. the burger bar at 25 degrees in the hollywood roosevelt has a great veggie burger. we went before "wicked" last week and it was a snap.

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              forgot to mention...the hollywood roosevelt is one stop from the pantages at hollywood and highland. the red line is across the street from both the red line and 25 degrees. good luck!

            2. don't know how close it is but i believe cafe 101 is vegan friendly. its for sure vegetarian friendly. try the no huevos rancheros. they also have fab sweet potato fries. I want to say its off of vine. anyway, its like a diner so i think fussy eaters will feel at home with their american type food...and its affordable and quick

              1. There is a restaurant right next door to the Pantages and the name escapes me. The food there is pretty pedestrian...but it may be the ticket for your fussy eaters...

                Don't know if this would fit your request, but I like walking down to Hungry Cat (it's only a couple blocks south on Vine) for a pre theater meal.

                  1. My fussy girls are definitely not health food finatics