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Mar 8, 2007 06:05 PM

Garlic noodles near Civic Center?

Can you help me locate a name of a restaurant , a hole in the wall type of place, that the missus and I had been to once before? It is a few doors down a side street near Civic Center area, between Market and Mission, close to Market. The missus still raves about their garlic noodles from at least a year ago. I do vividly remember the framed pics/letters on the wall from celebrities thanking them for their food, as supplied to them when they are in town. I thought it was Tu Lan on Sixth Street, but it was not after a recent visit. But about the same location on a street, but closer to Civic Center. My wife would be forever happy if I take her there again. Might it be a Thai restaurant instead of Vietnamese as I thought? The people at Tu Lan thought my wife was nuts when she tried hard to tell them she thought they had garlic noodles on their menu in the past, only to be rebuffed. Past memories are hard to place into exact details when you feel like you are getting older......

BTW, Tu Lan was a painful experience when we were there, though I enjoyed my meal and cheap prices. The eyes of the four of us were absolutely burning due to the air in the restaurant. Must be a bad exhaust system. One of our party left after about 15 minutes of suffering the ol' eye burn.

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  1. There are a ton of Vietnamese restaurants in the Civic Center area. In fact, the city now calls the area around Larkin Little Saigon. I'm guessing you might have gotten your garlic noodles from Mangosteen.

    Take a look at MenuPages and see what looks familiar.

    Most, if not all of them, are North of Market, by the way.

    1. Given what you've said, the only place that springs immediately to mind is the "7 Mission" restaurant, which is on 7th between Mission and Howard. I've never been there, so I don't know if they have garlic noodles or not, but the location is consistent with what you said.

      Like Euonymous said, though, if you're looking for Vietnamese in the Civic Center area, you're much better off heading north of Market to the Larkin Street corridor (especially right around Ellis and Eddy streets). Much more to choose from there, and you'll find plenty of posts on the board for some of the hotspots in this area.

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        Here's a link to the menupages for "7 Mission"........

        I didn't see garlic noodles on the menu, but there are vermicelli bowls...?? I doubt that the restaurant you went to is Mangosteen, since this is at least a 10 minute walk from Market, in the wrong direction, and not exactly a hole in the wall.

        Could it have been a Chinese restaurant?

        Dave MP

      2. Could it be this? Hon's Won Tun House on JEssie St....the location matches up with what you said (small alley-like street off of 6th, between Mission and Market)

        Has anyone eaten at this branch of this place?

        Dave MP

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          I haven't.... but I may just have to soon :-)

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              Based on google searches, seems like it's the same owners. I'm not sure the one on Jessie St. even exists, since I can't find any evidence of anyone eating there (reviews, etc). Can anyone confirm its existence?

              Dave MP

              1. re: Dave MP

                I just called them. They do exist, but it turns out they aren't actually a restaurant. The Jessie street location is where they make the noodles, and then transport them over to the restaurant on Kearny. So there's only one actual restaurant.

                1. re: shortexact

                  Cool. Good detective work. I had a feeling there wasn't really a restaurant there....seemed too good to be true.

                  Did you ask if you can buy the noodles or wontons straight from them at Jessie St?

                  Dave MP

                  1. re: Dave MP

                    Actually, I did :) He indicated that you couldn't, but I'm not sure if he understood exactly what I was saying. After I hung up, it suddenly occurred to me that he *might* have thought if I was asking about full take-out dishes, rather than just straight noodles, even though I thought I phrased the question fairly carefully. So I'm not completely sure. It'd be great to get it straight from them though, so I think I will probably try to drop by in person sometime soon and ask again.

                    1. re: shortexact

                      Great, let me know if they let you buy any noodles!

                      Dave MP

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                        Hon's noodles (1# packages or so) are sold at a number of Chinatown markets. Look for them at the cashier counter typically.

          1. If you can't find it, go to Lalita Thai on McAllister. They have garlic noodles which are supposed to be very good. They're on Menu Pages

            1. Thanks for the help, but by looking at a map, I would say it was on 8th Street. But if I can't find it when I go this weekend, I will take your suggestions into consideration. Thanks all for your help!!!!

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                If you find it, let us know!

                I used to love the ones at Thanh Long but they went downhill ages ago so I've been woking on perfecting my own recipe based on my memory of them. I'd like to try the ones your wife loved.