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Mar 8, 2007 06:03 PM

Hartford Area and Beyond!

My wife has lined up a babysitter for us for March 17th (St, Patrick's Day). We have not been out as a couple (i.e. sans children) since last Summer. Yes, we are pathetic! My question for you Chowhounders is where? Where do I take my spouse for this one, very rare, hopefully glorious, culinary outing? I need suggestion/recommendations and I need them immediately. We are willing to travel up to an hour from the Simsbury/Avon/Farmington area (been to Max's Oyster, Bricco, Metro Bis, etc). Seafood, ethnic restaurants and any other favs are welcome. I am pleading here!!! Thank you in advance.

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  1. question is, are you looking for a straight-up good meal, or are you looking for a place with good food that will be festive in the spirit of st. pat's?

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      We would be looking for a good/great meal and would not be looking for a St. Pat's Day experience necessarily.

    2. If we could only eat out once every 6 mo. I'd say we would HAVE to go to Bentara in New Haven. Great, authentic Malaysian food. Our ideal meal would include popia, roti chani, tofu sumbat, curry mussels, hot and spicy whole fish, chicken rendang, kerchuk beef, malay style kang kong, mee curry noodle soup. Yum. They also have a huge wine list with some great finds. Before our son came along we ate there twice a week. If you like your food spicy order Regular or Hot. I do not recomend Mild. Make a reservation and reguest the window. Enjoy your night out.

      1. Its at about your driving limit but I'd suggest the Golden Lamb Buttery in Brooklyn. Its a memorable experience that may not be around much longer as the owners are quite old.

        1. Trumbull Kitchen in Hartford has a really fun bar scene and would be wonderful on St. Pat's Day. The food there is excellent, and they have a wonderfully diverse tapas menus with traditional american fare and intersting pan-asian and other ethnic choices. I spent New Years here and really enjoyed it. It is in the Max's family though, if that disuades you any.

          1. I recommend Peppercorn's on Main St. in Hartford. We lived in Connecticut until a year ago, and my husband and I enjoyed everything we ever had there each time we went. We also brought other couples a couple of times, and they agreed with us that the food was more than excellent. Plus, it is a romantic atmosphere. One thing to know, though, is it is not in the heart of the area where the restaurants and bars are, so it's not a place good for strolling afterward. For that, I'd go to one of many in New Haven - browse former posts.

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              After hearing about peppercorns many times we finally tried it. The service was very casual. They lost our meal for about 30 minutes. it was not that good for the price. The place was cramped and noisy. When we asked for the check they insisted we get a free dessert for the wait but never took responsibility or offered an apology. Has anyone else had bad expereinces here lately? IS this place going down hill? Did I catch a bad night?