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Mar 8, 2007 05:45 PM

best wine bar in Chicago?


I am working at UIC this month, but haven`t really had the time to explore downtown. But: In a week I will get a short visit from my father.

We are both amateur wine "devotees", but where should we go? Price is not really important, this is a one-night-only.I`ve heard something about Bin 36, but the web site seemed kind og businessy.

Any tips?

PS.: I have a personal love for Sicilian wine.

All help will be greatly appreciated!


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  1. We just discussed this recently here. Check out our discussion:

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      You also might want to check out Sams - a big wine warehouse in the North Avenue retail corridor. Not for wine tasting, but it ts a huge wine store with good prices and I know from experience that they have a good selection of Sicilian wines you could bring home, or maybe take to a BYO place.

      1. re: wak

        The Highland Park location of Sam's actually has a wine bar. They sell about a dozen wines by the glass for consumption on the premises in their "bar" area. They change their wine bar offerings on a monthly basis.

    2. In a couple other threads, Cru has been mentioned. I posted awhile back asking for more info and got a couple of positive replies. We're heading to that area in a couple of weeks, so if you happen to beat us there, let us know what you thought.

      1. The Stained Glass Wine Bar and Bistro is not in Chicago, but if your ever near the Evanston area it is worth checking out, both for the wine selections and the outstanding food.

        1. You should try the Tasting Room on Randolph near Ogden across from onesixyblue. They have a great selection of wines by the glass or bottle. Plus it's near UIC...

          1. If you like Sicilian wine I would try going to Enoteca Roma on Division St. It is owned by Letitzia's, which is a bakery next door. They have a very edited selection of mostly Italian and Sicilian wines. Be forewarned - - this is really a neighborhood wine bar. It is very European with no frills, just some tables, a small food menu, etc. It is not a place to impress but a place to just unwind and enjoy. I love it for that.

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              Hi all,

              As we needed some food as well, we went to Coco Pazzo. It was a nice place, but I am actually quite dissapointed. Expensive, but still kind of unfresh, not really up to it. Too dry meat, to little freshness in the cotorni. Maybe, I am just spoiled - Chicago is not Catania, or the other way around :-) - but this was still my experience. Thanks very, vey musch for the tips, though!

              1. re: NDJ

                Just to add, I love Enoteca Roma. It's best to go on a nice day because they have a great patio in the back and the bar area is tight and tends to get crowded.