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Mar 8, 2007 05:40 PM

The Shops at Atlas Park - need some info

I live in FH and have heard Atlas Park mentioned a few times, I want to check out the shops especially the Amish Food store this w/ question is: is there free parking or better yet, ample parking? Thanks.

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  1. There is a parking lot that charges, it's about $3 I think...which is frankly a bad idea for Amish, as they give you no parking voucher, not good if you're interested in repeat customers to buy food there regularly. There is parking on the street surrounding Atlas Park, in front of cemetary, and on side street, also that is not metered. I posted about Amish Foods in anticipation of its opening some time ago, do a search for my post if you're interested. Stuff looked decent its opening week, and then sort of declined rapidly, guess not much of a turnover...although I did buy very good tortelleloni--their brand, good selection of goat cheese, and some good produce at decent prices...they had very nice roast beef but then they had super well done stuff on display, and I like it rare. Their little bakery section is nothing to speak of, and no bread at all...the salad bar and prepared foods look like they've been sitting around too long, and their olive bar can be hit or miss. Let me put it this way, it ain't no citarella. The seafood on display was so so, and meats and chicken unimpressive...I think it's going to be hard for them to survive there, and especially with the parking situation...other than that...the California Pizza Kitchen that is there, surprisingly has a few decent things, not bad for a chain...and it's a nice atmosphere...Manor Deli opened up a restaurant there called Okterfest, which features their German specialities-I go to their deli alot in Richmond Hill and their macaroni salad and roast beef rock. It's a funny place, looks like Palm Beach in Queens...perhaps you might do better at the Trader Joe's whenever that is supposed to open sometime this summer on Woodhaven Blvd...

    1. I went to Amish Market a few weeks ago and had a similar experience to Janie - I found it to be a really inconsistent mix of high end (so I felt like I was at Citarella or Garden of Eden) and regular groceries. It was like it was having trouble deciding what it wanted to be. And yes the seafood and meats looked pretty sad. So overall I wasn't all that impressed. And they are going to have a really hard time whenever Trader Joe's finally opens - they won't be able to compete on price nor on the parking situation, which at TJ's will undoubtedly be free.

      The rest of Atlas Park also has the same feel - not sure if it wants to be high end or middle of the road. There's a Claire's store which is all cheap throwaway jewelry and accessories, but then there is also what seems to be a pretty nice women's clothing store that sells designer denim and great handbags - I'm just not sure what the market in this area is for a $900 Marc Jacobs bag (though I don't mind coveting it myself).

      That said, I will admit too that California Pizza Kitchen is decent for a chain.

      1. Thanks for the heads up, wow...sounds like the local Super Stop & Shop might win out over the Amish Market. I checked the website and it did look very odd as you both mentioned. Palm trees in Glendale? I was hoping that this mall is a sign of some rejuvenation that would bring better restaurants and "foodie" goodies to the area. I will still go and check it out but I'll manage my expectations. I can't wait till Trader Joe's comes but I hope they won't pare down their inventory.

        1. Yup the Atlas Mall is indeed a strange place. I go there with my significant other who enjoys one of the specialty woman's stores there and I keep telling her the place will not last two years. The stores just don't seem to match up with the demographics of the surrounding neighborhoods. When you walk into Steinmart, it is eerily empty and with a sterile atmosphere. The movie theater is a good addition though and they do validate parking. Mostly non-descript chain restaurants there but the new German one I will have to try when I get in the mood to be in downtown Boca Raton off of Cooper Avenue.

          1. moymoy, if you do decide to go, call first because they had a water main rupture recently. From what I've heard, several of the shops may have been affected. The Amish Market is located in an elevated location, so it may have been spared damage. I'm not sure if the mall is at all open or closed by now though.