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Mar 8, 2007 05:35 PM

Noho Lhasa, Cafe Lebanon, Bela

I've searched the boards and most of the comments re: the above restaurants are not very recent. Attending a lecture on Saturday evening and planning on a group of about 6 for early (6-ish) dinner. One vegetarian, so am looking for recent reviews of the above 3 or other spots on Main St that have good vegetarian options, so everyone is happy.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


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  1. We really enjoy Lhasa Cafe. My husband and sons are vegetarian and I have also brought vegetarian friends there too. Plenty of choice for both and it is different, at I have not encountered many Tibetan restaurants. The food is good, as is the service.

    1. I do not recommend cafe lebanon. Amanouz is better but I dont remember if it was good for vegetariams.

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        Any Lebanese restaurant should be fine for vegos. Between the hummus, baba, tabouli, foul, etc it is a feast.

      2. Thank you both for your feedback!

        1. I haven't been to Bela in a while, but it's tiny and a group of 6 would be about half the restaurant- you might call them to check to see if it's okay. Bela is old-school vegetarian, kind of 70s-style, but a very sweet little place. Hard-core meat eaters might be slightly turned off but I've always found the place very charming and the definition of a local joint.

          Amanouz has a nice couscous plate with vegetables that's really good.

          1. We all ended up at Cafe Lebanon because that was the group consensus. Several people on the boards here have said that Ahmanouz is better and I will definitely check it out sometime soon to compare/contrast. However, Cafe Lebanon was generally a crowd-pleaser.

            They had chicken shwarma in sandwich form but they agreed to add add it to the Fattoush salad or make it into a dinner. The shwarma wasn't as good as my favorite place in CA, but it was good. The garlic sauce (til?) was more of a mayo consistency than the fluffy stuff I'm used to, but was still tasty as well.

            Also the lamb kabob was marinated and grilled to med. rare and very good as well. We tried the Lebanese beer and wine and enjoyed them as well.

            Overall, I have nothing negative to say about this restaurant. Our service was amazing (group of 8), and the food was really good.

            Thanks for your help everyone!