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Mar 8, 2007 05:23 PM

Restaurant in Mar Vista or West L.A., near 405

Looking for a good, casual, inexpensive to moderate restaurant in a limited geographical area--from Venice Blvd to Wilshire Blvd, near the 405 or Barrington Ave. One of my friends is not particularly adventurous about food--so while I immediately thought of a few great Japanese restaurants on Sawtelle, I'm not sure if she would be up for that. I think a good American or Italian place would probably be best, but I'm open to other suggestions as well. Must be open for dinner on Mondays. I know, this is a really specific request--any ideas?

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  1. It seems like Nook Bistro would fit the bill. Definitely make a reservation in advance.

    Literati 2 is also basically in that area, although probably a bit more expensive than Nook.

    1. Nook is great, located in the back corner of the minimall on Santa Monica Blvd. at Barry, a block east of Barrington. Entrees are mostly mid- to high teens, with a steak slightly more and their fine burger less. If you like braised shortribs, theirs is excellent. Share the mac'n'cheese or the mussels to start. Literati (I think they've dropped the "II") on Wilshire at Bundy is considerably more expensive and requires a valet fee on top.

      Billingsley's is an oldtime, comfortable, relatively inexpensive steak and chops place on Pico about a long block or two west of the freeway. A block further west and across the street is the San Francisco Saloon which has received some good comments for its burgers and other casual food.

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        Short ribs and mac 'n cheese are indeed awesome. Spicy gulf shrimp are also incredible.

      2. Overland Cafe sounds like it would fit your description. Its on Overland between Venice and Palms. The food isnt too adventurous but it is pretty good. If you're going on Monday night, they have a happy hour 4-7pm with 2.50 beer/wine and 5.00 appetizers.

        1. the Hamlet on Sepulveda off National is right next to the 405 ... its standard American fair...and priced moderate...full bar...service is between great & late

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              That's too bad. Please describe. Just drove past this place and was wondering if it was anything.

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                It's Hamburger Hamlet, they've just jazzed up the look of the place a little. I guess they're trying to make their restaurants look a little more upscale I guess.


                For an inexpensive burger, I think Hamburger Habit is much better (in the strip mall on the northwest corner of National & Sepulveda). Good shakes and fries too. A meal for one is under $10.

          1. I second Nook, or if Italian appeals, Il Moro (on Purdue, near Olympic)