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2nd Date -- any suggestions?

I'm looking for a semi-romantic spot to linger with excellent food and a fun/not overly serious atmosphere. Any suggestions? Should be downtown - West Village, East Village, Nolita, Soho, LES.

Thank you!

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  1. Azul bistro is dark and cozy without being overly romantic.

    1. Las Ramblas would fit the bill, I think. The food is good (Spanish and Portuguese tapas), the atm. not overly serious (you're perched on stools), and it's romantic when it's not too, too crowded (teeny place). Salt is nice and dark, very warm, has great food (nouveau American), and you're sitting at tables. Most tables aren't too close together, but some are. There's a French place next to Blue Ribbon Bakery that'd be great, too, but I'm blanking on the name. Maybe another Hound can help me out....

      Speaking of BR Bakery--that might be a good place to go, too.

      1. I think Lavagna on 5th (A/B) is an excellent second date option. It's a little pricey for a first date, but the food is solid -- I wouldn't describe it as excellent -- and the place has a great, rustic vibe. Of note, when I last visited, were the sea scallop app and the chocolate mousse dessert. I wasn't wowed by the papardelle with rabbit; too much rabbit for my liking.

        1. Frankie's Spuntino - 17 Clinton St., right below Houston. Great food. It's small, but the staff doesn't rush you at all. Very reasonably priced wine.

          1. Pylos, if you are OK with spending ~$35/person for dinner. Nice suspended amphorae look, very good food.

            1. Peasant is a great spot, good wine and inventive italian food. very rustic feeling

              1. Sandobe on first ave is a good casual date spot. You can share the fun roles, drink lots of saki and it is a mellow atmoshere. I have lingered there for hours on a date.

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                  Is Sandobe any good? I enjoyed the place years and years ago in their old location, but the last few times I was there I thought their quality had slipped so much that I was not inspired to go back. Have they improved since?

                  1. re: rose water

                    I've enjoyed it recently. While its not the best sushi in the area, you can't beet the price and their rolls are pretty tasty. They still use fresh crab which is rare for low priced sushi.

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                      It is not even sandobe any more and no it never improved.

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                        Just curious, what is it called now? Is it still the same food? I never liked it, but my husband did.

                  2. i second frankies sputino and blue ribbon bakery

                    1. indochine on lafayette