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Mar 8, 2007 05:06 PM

Hermosa Beach with out-of-towners

Who knows what they're looking for, but this is where they're staying. And it's complete terra incognita for me. Anyone have suggestions? They'll be on PCH. Thanks in advance.

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  1. For casual breakfast or lunch, Martha's 22nd St Grill, or Good Stuff. For an upscale meal, Avenue in Manhattan Beach is definitely the best restaurant nearby. Michi in Manhattan Beach is also pretty good for upscale Asian fusion. I don't really know where to begin, but can probably post more suggestions if you give more specs on type of food desired, price range, etc.

    1. check out an italian place on pier ave. in hermosa called fritto misto. super cheap, it's BYOB if you'd like (they have wine and beer as well), and the food is excellent. they also have mix and match pastas and great bread. it gets crowded on weekends.

      1. For a quick bite, there's a little place on PCH around...3rd Street or so called Poulet Du Jour that has some great falafel. In the mornings for breakfast, I prefer Ocean Diner over Good Stuff, although Good Stuff definitely has the whole beach vibe going for it.

        Ragin' Cajun near the Pier is pretty tasty food and they serve some great NOLA microbrews, although the atmosphere is typically a little noisy. It's certainly not a Commander's Palace.

        I'll second Fritto Misto. It's hard to walk by there without being drawn in by the delicious aroma emanating from the kitchen.

        There is a somewhat new bistro 3-4 blocks North of the pier whose name I can never remember that has great food, although you will be waiting for a seat if you head there on a weekend.

        1. mama Ds is the most popular reatraunt in manhatten beach. check it out.

          1. Sangria right at the main pier area in Hermosa has flamenco sometimes, might be an interesting show but have never eaten there.

            And Jackson's Village Bistro is low-key (just up the street) but really nice steaks and risotto and such.