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Mar 8, 2007 05:06 PM

Where to have a "Cinco de Mayo" group dinner in/near Oakville?

Hi all!

I'm part of a group that wants to have a Cinco de Mayo dinner/party this year (May 5th), and we're trying to figure out what our options are. Last year, we had a progressive dinner, where we did a different course at four different houses. That proved to be quite a bit of hassle, so this year we are looking for one venue, preferrably near Oakville somewhere.

Does anyone have any ideas on a great place to have it, or what would be the best way to approach this? I already realize that good Mexican cuisine is difficult to find, so at this point I'm just looking for "good enough," I'm relatively new to this area so I'm not certain what options are available. We would be a group of anywhere between 30 and 50 people.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!


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  1. Avoid Mexicali Rosa's. It's a vile franchise operation that makes mall "food court" grub look good.There's not much in your area. Mississauga is marginally better. El Sombrero(Britannia+Hurontario)is sort of haute Taco Bell but might suit.Call and see if they can handle a large group.

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      1. You could try:

        Mixed Grill Cuisine & Catering
        2319 Lakeshore Road West
        Oakville, ON L6L 1H2
        (they may even MAKE UP a special Mexican menu for you, I would call and ask them:))

        TOO BAD your group couldnt go to TORONTO
        This place is pretty cool and they have a LIVE MARIACHI Band on Saturday nights.

        Jalapeno's Mexican Restaurant
        725 King W, (near Bathurst)
        Toronto ON, M5V2W9
        Phone: (416) 216-6743