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red wine sangria recipe?

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looking for a good, and on the sweeter side sangria recipe. i'd like to put oranges, lemon, and apples in them. oh but not too sweet. thanks for your input!

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  1. Red or white wine, orange juice and cut up fruit.
    The alcohol is either a clear brandy or cheap rum. Add to taste.
    Sweetness is dependent on how much sugar you decide to add.
    I prefer thus recipe over those that use lemon lime soda instead of orange juice.

    1. This is my favorite. I usually leave the sugar out, but if you can add it if you want it sweeter. I would recommend making a sugar syrup and then adding that to taste after mixing the rest of the ingredients.

      1 750-ml bottle of dry red wine (3 cups)
      1 1/2 cups lemon-lime soda
      1 1/2 cups orange juice
      1/2 cup brandy
      1/4 cup sugar
      2 tablespoons Cointreau or other orange liqueur
      2 tablespoons grenadine
      2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
      2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

      Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher. Top off the pitcher with fruit of your choice. I like to slice and freeze oranges and lemons, then put the frozen slices into the pitcher to help keep the sangria cold.

      1. I couldn't find my favorite sangria recipe from epicurious (I am positive I'd added it to my recipe box!), but I can recommend a cheap but perfect wine for it. Bear's Lair Merlot from Trader Joes that sells for $3.99, I think.

        1. I put a few spoons of canned peaches into mine, and then add some of the juice from the can to sweeten it. I also put in club soda to give it a slight bite.

          1. I've gotten lots of compliments over the years for the following receipe:
            -Make a simple syrup by putting 1 c water, 1 1/2 c sugar in saucepan. Bring to boil stirring only til sugar dissolves. Boil GENTLY for 5 mins and cool slightly.
            -Slice paper thin 2 oranges, 1 lemon, 1 lime. Pour syrup over and put in refrig over night in a plastic container.
            -To make a pitcher of sangria, put 1/2 c of syrup mixture, some of the fruit, and 4 cups of red wine (I use Carlo Rossi's Paisano (sp), Add of few splashes of CLUB SODA for fizz. Taste and add more if necessary. DO NOT DILUTE too much and don't add ice to pitcher. Add ice in glasses and pore Sangria over.
            If you make this, let me know how it turned out.

            1. We got this recipe from a resort in Arizon to which we went for a wedding a couple years back. They were serving sangria at the wedding and it was awesome. I asked the bartender for the recipe and surprisingly he was willing to give it to me. It is the easiest thing around and is so good...

              1/2 gallon lemonade
              1/2 gallon OJ
              2 cans peach nectar
              8 oz brandy
              8 oz peach schnapps
              2 bottles Cabernet Sauvignon

              Just combine everything in a very big jug/pitcher and serve over ice. One thing the resort did that made the sangria seem fancy was to serve it over ice in wine glasses and then add chopped up berries (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries) and peaches (chopped really small) right before serving. It was a nice touch and one I've done... but this recipe works with or without that last step.


              1. 3 bottles of Vina Borgio (An inexpensive Spanish Rioja wine, about $5-$7. You could substitite other Riojas as well)
                ---1 cup of brandy
                ---1 cup triple sec
                ---1 cup of sugar
                ---1/2 gallon of orange juice
                ---Cut up fruit

                this is from a local boston restaurant. i usually omit the sugar and use a little seltzer or sprite instead. it's better the next day.

                1. In my experience, the wine is the most important. Don't spend a lot of money on the wine, but make sure it's something you can handle drinking on its own -- I had a roommate who used to use the cheapest stuff out there, she was convinced the fruit would cover the horrible taste -- it didn't. I also don't add sugar, the fruit and orange juice give enough sweetness for my taste.

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                    I agree. Don't use something that's too tannic - no amount of sugar, spirits or fruit will mask that. Bear's Lair is excellent that way - it has good body but no harsh tannins. In general I wouldn't use a Cabernet unless I knew for sure that it wasn't tannic.

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                      Also agree -- I find that riojas and merlots work very well.