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Mar 8, 2007 04:33 PM

Veal Bones in the ATX?

I was planning on attempting to make Bourdain's Onglet Gascon and Steak Frite this weekend. I've put in my order at Whole Foods for marrow, but they have no veal bones for me. I was excited to try making my own veal stock this weekend. Whole Foods is where I buy all my meat, so I'm not familiar with butchers in the area. Any direction would be greatly apprieciated!

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  1. I get marrow and bones at Central Market Westgate...but it can be hit or miss... they are much more receptive to marrow and bone orders earlly in the AM...

    1. Call "Longhorn Meats" on MLK.

      You also might want to try and ask around at the Farmer's Market.