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Mar 8, 2007 03:42 PM

Crab Legs, SAT or Austin

I'm looking for a place in San Antonio, Austin or anywhere in between to take a friend who adores crab legs. I know there is Red Lobster, but kinda dislike the place. I was hoping there might be other options.

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  1. McCormick and Schmick's. call ahead to make sure because there menu changes daily, but they have king crab legs on the menu.

    there's a truluck's in austin as well. but, i remember ordering the king crab legs at the truluck's in houston and it was uber-expensive. i think i had to order at least 1.5 lbs there.

    1. Golden Phoenix on Perrin Beitel, It's a chinese buffet, their crab legs have always been excellent & sweet (they might add a sugar to the water, not sure). $8.99 AYCE including Chinese, Sushi, Steak, Crab Legs, Desserts, Real Ice Cream, etc.