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Mar 8, 2007 03:24 PM

Jar, Lucques or Hatfields

This would be for a Saturday night dinner with my parents. They are coming from out of town and I want some where with a good vibe but not too "LA". They tend towards simple, well prepared, quality food. They have recently moved to phase 3 of South Beach diet but did say they would be willing to splurge a bit so...

I have been to both Jar and Lucques but not in quite a while. My initial thought is Jar but thought Lucques might be a bit cozier. Or try some place new in Hatfields?

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  1. JAR. Can't go wrong there.

    1. A close call though I'd rank them 1) Jar, 2) Luques, 3) Hatfields. Choose Jar for an al around great event. Luques for romance, or Hatfields for foodie fun.

      1. I agree on Jar.... Lucques is wonderful and the atmosphere is nice but it's extremely romantic. With the rents Jar is the way to go. And Hatfields is small and doesnt have great ambiance....

        1. One thing to consider is that Jar gets quite loud, especially on a Saturday night. I love it, and so do my parents, but last time we were there at 8:00 on a Friday night my mom (a young 64) had a hard time hearing. To me, Lucques may be a better choice, and it's not just a romantic place. I was just there last week with a few friends and had a great meal and a great time in a fun environment. And there are some pretty healthy choices on the menu -- the market fish is phenomenal.

          1. i totally agree with you. last time i went to jar it was so loud that we couldn't hold any type of conversations only people next to you and that was a stretch.
            first time i went, it wasn't too bad. maybe because we were seated by the wall and not in the middle of the room?