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Mar 8, 2007 03:10 PM

Best Chinese in NOLA...

Now I am familiar with Royal China and 5 Happiness; are there any other chinese restaurants in the Greater NO area that need to be on my radar? I'm looking for real deal chinese food...does it exist?

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  1. You listed my two favorite....Trey Yuen is different and pretty good and sometimes great. I was the only white person in Double Dragon on the westbank and thought is was good and very cheap.

    We have terrible Chinese on the whole....on a side note, Nine Roses on the Westbank is as good of Vietnamese as I have ever had (I have eaten it in Paris and NYC, two capitals for it) and the Asian Gorcery on Berham is a wonderful asian grocery, larger than anything I found in any Chinatown on the East Coast. I have run into John Besh there and numerous other chefs.

    I have heard that Imperial Garden on Williams is the real deal...anyone know?