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Mar 8, 2007 02:40 PM

Restaurants in Old Town Monrovia...

I was wondering if anything there is worth trying?

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  1. I love Cafe Mundial and Bella Sera was not bad. The Peach Cafe was really good for breakfast (try their not-the-usual Monte Cristo). Canadian Cafe for Poutine Fries. LeRoy's for breakfast.

    1. I like Opera on Myrtle. Very reasonable prices for the food, friendly service.

      1. I've been very happy with Empanadas Gourmet and Pizza on (I think) Lemon (block or two north of Colorado, just off of Myrtle, on same street as the Scoops ice cream parlor). Service is fine (sometimes very enthusiastic) - salads are very good - had several interesting pastas - really love the empanadas (they're baked, not fried, with a thin crust). Had a deadly dessert one night - it was a crepe with bananas, caramel and (I'm pretty sure) Nutella.

        1. Not in Old Town, but Los Gueros is good for Mexican. Very casual, good food, great guac.

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            do they have booze or just beer/wine?

            1. re: joea

              Just beer and wine ... but doesn't that count as "booze"? Or am I missing something?

              1. re: ipsedixit

                "or am I missing something?" ...yep...tequila in the margaritas ;-)

                (...assuming joea meant booze=hard alcohol)

            1. re: revets2

              Devon, sadly, has really deteriorated in recent years. Too bad.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                agree. but "deteriorated" might be strong adjective. it doesn't seem it is what it used to be or are they doing the same thing they've always done and we've moved on? hmmm...

                ate there last week. not earth shattering, but the food quality, preparation, and service is still superior IMHO than anything else in OT Monrovia.