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Mar 8, 2007 02:33 PM

Recs for Bryan/College Station

I'll be in Bryan / College Station this coming weekend.

Any suggestions for places to try? I'll need breakfast, lunch and dinner and would like to stick to a reasonable budget.

Thanks :)

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  1. Went to school in CS for 4 years, here are my thoughts:

    Breakfast: breakfast tacos at Los Nortenos in historic downtown Bryan

    Lunch: Fritella Italian Restaurant, really casual counter service. Try the fritella, it's like a deep fried calzone shaped thing that tastes like a funnel cake (but not sweet and with your choice of filling)
    Best BBQ in BCS is Fargo's in north Bryan, but hours can be irregular since it is a very small takeout joint.
    Jin's Chinese on Northgate has good lunch specials. Not authentic Chinese, but well executed Americanized Chinese. My favorite dish is the Mongolian beef.

    Dinner: Square One in Bryan or Cafe Eccel for reasonable prices and excellent food. Christopher's World Grille if you're looking to splurge.

    There are tons of new places that have opened in College Station since I graduated two years ago. From recent visits, there's a wine bar/bistro that is very popular on University Dr in same shopping center as Abuelo's and this massive fountain.

    For my complete list of B/CS faves with longer descriptions and addresses, see

    1. Wow! I last went to A&M in 1989. Most of these restaurants are new to me!

      Thanks for the speedy reply! And no, this needs to be a budgeted weekend, so I'll save the splurge restaurants for another time.

      1. Glad to help out. Make sure to report back when you return! I want to know if these places have stayed rec-worthy.

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          Jin's is awesome, but all I remember from being there is that they had good tofu and shrimp I had a migraine!

        2. You absolutely HAVE TO hit Sweet Eugenes!!! It's a coffee house like no other.

          1702 George Bush Dr E · College Station · 979.696.5282

          No really-- you really have to go here!