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Mar 8, 2007 02:19 PM

Gumbo recipe???

Hello fellow hounds! Do any of you have a good recipe for Gumbo?

Ciao, hounds!

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  1. It is all in the roux..what kind of gumbo do you want to make??

    1. I made the one after of the commander's palce cookbook.. they have several and I morphed them into what I was looking for, but the flavor was very good.

      1. This is my all time fav. gumbo recipe, from Emeril. It's time consuming, but worth the effort.

        1. Here's mine -- it's not much, but we like it.

          bell pepper
          -- 4 cups total of the above, diced. I use roughly equal amounts of celery and bell pepper, and slightly more onion.

          some garlic, minced
          -- I use between 1-10 cloves, depending on size and how garlicky I feel.

          cayenne powder

          -- about a tsp each of thyme, oregano and cayenne, salt and pepper as tasting demands.

          -- 1-2 lbs of what ever you like. I like sausage and boneless skinless chicken thighs, chopped. I like sausage and crawdads too.

          --2-4 cups, depending on if you want a thick or a thin gumbo.

          file, 1 tsp, sprinkled on after the gumbo is done

          -- I make my roux with 1 cup ap flour, and 1/2 a cup of oil, and cook it until just browner then hersheys milk chocolate bars.


          Make your roux. Throw the chopped vegetables and garlic into the roux when it is dark enough for you and stir all around really well -- this will send up an amazing smell, stop the roux from burning, and cook the veggies a little. Let it cook like this for a few minutes, then add the meat if it is sausage and chicken -- I brown them ahead of time, then make the roux on top of that, but you don't have too. Add the stock and spices except salt and pepper, give it a good stir, then turn the heat down low, cover it up, and leave it alone for a while. 30 minutes is good. Taste for salt and pepper, season as needed, cover it up and leave it alone again. 30 minutes is still good. At this point, I put in the crawdads or shrimp if I used them -- they don't stand up to long cooking so well, and I start my rice. When the rice is done, we eat. file powder is stirred in just before serving

          1. My favorite is in recipegullet at egullet. I believe it is Fifi's?

            Here it is:

            It is perfect for me, and I am from Louisiana :).

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              Isn't that a great discussion?? I developed my recipe from that thread. I think I must have made about 20 gumbos working it out. *lol* My husband got so sick of it....

              edit: ooops! you linked directly to the recipe, not the massive gumbo thread. my bad.