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Mar 8, 2007 02:01 PM

Fish Tales....what did I miss?

Yesterday's thread about an unhappy customer at Fish Tales was fine, last I saw. He was getting nothing but contradictory experiences from many long time customers but everything was civil. Did it blow up all to hell overnight? (Hoping for some insight before this gets disappeared).

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  1. It got flagged as it wasnt about food. And rightly so.

    1. Fair enough. But it wasn't moved to "Not About" or "General"?

      1. FISH TALES is an outstanding spot for fresh fish and seafood. The only thing that compares is the very high priced top level shops in the City. FT has much more reasonable prices.

        I have been shopping there for years and find the quality, freshness, and variety to be outstanding.

        The service is personal,friendly and very professional...these guys really know their fish and seafood. If there is ever a problem, they are terrific about dealing with it. They do special orders, and prepare fish, like a whole salmon, for poaching, , bone, filet, and dress fish to your specification. You can trust their advice.