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Need a rec for a nice restaurant near Robson (Vancouver, BC)

Going to Vancouver at the beginning of April and I'm looking for a nice restaurant for a dinner on monday night with my girlfriend. Would have loved to go to Lumiere, but we're staying at the Marriott Pinnacle and don't have a vehicle at our disposal.


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    1. Showcase at the Pinnacle is supposed to be very good.

      1. I would second the recommendation for the Pinnacle restaurant. Fabulous food, service and presentation. The only hotel restaurant I would go to in Vancouver.

        1. joe fortes is for tourists, not that great and over priced. the only good restaurants on robson are the japanese ones down by denman st. or tapastree just across denman st. on robson.

          again, like always, i recommend Parkside - it's on haro st, just off denman. walking distance from pinnacle or a short cab ride http://www.parksiderestaurant.ca/

          TapasTree is a nice neighbourhood restaurant or Hapa Izakaya on Robson for yummy japanese

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            I disagree, I like Joe Fortes! It is expensive but everything I have had there has been great and I have always had great service too.

          2. Lumiere isn't exactly out in the middle of nowhere. It would be about $15 for a cab ride. Never give up the dream.

            1. Perhaps a bit more casual, but food at The Bin 941 @ Davie and Burrard is incredible if you like a tapas style approach and they have a great wine selection...The Parkside west of Denman is also lovely and not touristy. Blue Water Cafe is great if you like seafood.

              1. I'm with lotuskitty... if you're coming this far and want the Lumiere experience, don't let a cab ride stand in your way! It's really only a 10-minute cab ride.

                1. You're within walking distance to Coal Harbour and a few places worth checking out. Go to Cardero's and Lift for the view, ambience and food (and in that order). They're both great and fun places to see and be seen in. The food is not bad either.

                  Walk up Denman from Coal Harbour and you'll hit many eateries south of Georgia St. Worth a stroll for people watching and great desserts after dinner, if it's a nice evening.

                  Enjoy YVR

                  1. If you really want to go to Luniere~ GO! It is only a $15 cab ride, it's true, a mere fraction of what you are prepared to spend if you go.

                    Other wise, cannot highly enough reccomend the PARKSIDE~ it is theeeeeee best! Never dissapointed with quality and service!

                    1. If you want to stay downtown, and want an upscale dinner experience, my reco's would be: for Italian, Cafe de Medici on Robson, or Il Giardino on Hornby (their tortellini melts in your mouth); for Japanese, Kamei Royale on Georgia or Hapa Izakaya on Robson; for classic western/continental, Chartwell in the Four Seasons (impeccable service) or the Parkside on Haro; for Chinese, Shanghai Bistro on Alberni, or Victoria on Georgia, or Imperial on Burrard. Avoid Cin Cin -- it's achieved '3 strikes' status with me, for the disappointing food. I also agree with the others -- Lumiere is worth the cab ride, as is Bishop's. Actually, Bishop's is probably my favorite pick, even ahead of Lumiere -- John Bishop uses all local, organic ingredients, and is the nicest man, and the atmosphere is more relaxed than Lumiere. Feenie has the Iron Chef reputation, and the food is amazing, but I think John Bishop is more of a Vancouver insiders' favorite.