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Good frozen yogurt in DC...seriously

I can't help it. I lived in Southern California for enough of my formative years that frozen yogurt seems to me like a food group unto itself, but I can't find a decent place in the city. It's silly, I know, and not "foodie", but I need it. Help!

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  1. You're about 15 years too late. It's come and gone. But then I don't know where to find decent frozen yogurt even in California.

    There's a Freshens or two around. I'm prety sure the one in the Fashion Centre mall (Pentagon City Metro) is still there.

    1. I think there's a Tasti D Lite in College Park, MD still. Not frozen yogurt, but still pretty good.

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        For a long time I had been meaning to check this place out, since so many New Yorkers are in love with it. But when I went on the website about a month ago to confirm the address, it wasn't listed. Very dissappointed! Anyone regularly in the CP area know if it's still there??

      2. The best frozen yogurt, IMO, is oddly at Thomas Sweet in Georgetown. Of course, once you're there, it's hard to avoid the ice cream, but I think some of their yogurt is pretty good.

        1. I second Thomas Sweet. They have a german chocolate cake yogurt that is soooo good- I will make a special trip just for that.

          1. the absolute best frozen yogurt is at the Lord and Taylor Tea Room- same FY that was served at Forty Carrots at Bloomingdales in the day, still served at the L & T in NY. Only one flavor - a slightly tart, cool yummy vanilla. It is an edangered species.

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            1. I sent an email to the offices of the wonderful Pinkberry in SoCal asking them to consider the DC area for expansion. No dice. :(

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                No dice as in they said no or they haven't replied?

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                  They said they currently had no plans to expand into the DC area. I told them they would kill here and even had some spaces in Bethesda identified for them! I'll keep my fingers crossed, though.

              2. Coney Island, this little shop in the 2000 Pennsylvania Ave building is pretty good. (Near GWU) On level with Thomas Sweet's in my opinion. They have some good rotating flavors and the standard issue chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter.

                Seriously though, we are lacking in this area.

                1. New place just recently opened up in georgetown called Sweet Green..it's on M st and Bank st. It's a salad and FY place...they only have one flavor but its REAL fro yo..tangy and amazing. I do love thomas sweets but you can't call that frozen yogurt!! the fat free stuff is just fake ice cream. try sweet green, its amazing. very similar to that of L&T and bloomies. finally!!

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                    FY. Good God, it took me five minutes to figure out that one even in the context of a frozen-yogurt thread.


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                      It took me a while when I read it in one of the earlier posts as well! Am i supposed to be able to figure out SIWTA too?

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                      I really like the fro yo at SweetGreen. I know people have complained that it's not *as good as* Pinkberry, but it's fine for me. I just wish they wouldn't be stingy with the toppings. That's kind of a downer.

                    3. I LOVE the frozen yogurt at Max's (good lord almighty, it's pumpkin time!), but I suspect you're after Cali-style soft-serve. He does have soft-serve, but I always go for the scooped stuff.