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Mar 8, 2007 01:43 PM

Romantic Restaurants

Im looking for a romantic restaurant in the downtown or uptown areas...I want to avoid places that have that busy feeling like Emeril's and such. Im looking for a cozy spot with good lighting...

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    1. Upperline, Maple Street Cafe, Cafe Volage, upstairs at Clancy's, and number one...a booth at Crescent City Steakhouse (but its outside of your requested area).

      I love Crepe Nanou, but it can get loud...but somehow it is romantic still....must be all the French wine.

      1. Cuvee, Tommy's, Irene's, Bayona. Bayona's getting slammed on another thread, but I've always had lovely experiences there. I liked Peristyle, as well, for romantic.

        1. Is the Feelings Cafe on Chartres still open?

          1. I thought Stella to be small enough, quiet, low lighting, fabulous food and attentive but descreet service.