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Dry Ice

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Every once in a while, I need dry ice, and usually, have no idea where to procure such a thing. Yesterday, however, I discovered the Alameda Ice Block, at 660 S. Alameda (downtown), 213-683-1640. Open seven days a week (yes, even Sunday), from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dry Ice is 80ยข a pound, with a ten pound minimum. Next time you need to keep a cooler really cold, or cold and dry, or you need to ship frozen food, you'll know where to go. Presumably they have regular ice too, but so does every gas station in the city.

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  1. Ralphs has dry ice too but I'm not sure if what your proud of is the low price.

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      Seriously? I never knew Ralphs had dry ice. Do all Ralphs stores carry it?

      1. You can also find dry ice at HOWS markets and Tavern Service @ 818) 989-3171 (On Parthenia just E of Reseda). They also rent out kegs!

        1. I know Ralphs in Manhattan Beach carries it....Smart and Final too....

          1. I've been buying Dry Ice on Alameda for 25 yrs. Also several of the Food Wholesalers in Vernon have it. I also have found it at Rental Yards. Ralph's is convenient but 1.20 a lb but worth it if you only need a little. Side Note: NEVER PLACE DRY ICE IN YOUR FREEZER! IT WILL RUIN YOUR FOOD, BY DEFROSTING IT.

            1. I think Mashti Malone's has itm, although I don't know what it costs. I'll never forget going in one day for ice cream, and the Grim Reaper (big guy in Reaper's costume carrying a costume scythe) was there to buying a few bags of dry ice.

              1. Almost all Smart & Final, just call first.

                1. Seen a dry ice cold box inside the entrance to the Von's in Marina del Rey as well. You need to get a mgr to open it for you as it's padlocked, probably for safety reasons...