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Beer + Good Food + Gaslamp + After 9 Friday

I'm looking for a place to have good beer and good food in the Gaslamp at 9 p.m. on a Friday. Is this a pipe dream? I was thinking of The Bondi. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Why would you even want to be in the Gaslamp on Friday at 9?

    Anyway, if you're insistent on this, and you're not looking for fancy food, The Local Eatery and Drinking Hole on 4th, just north of Broadway (and hence, somewhat removed from the Gaslamp tomfoolery), has a great selection of local craft brews. Their food isn't bad, though it's also nothing special.

    Cafe Chloe, also a short walk from the Gaslamp, has a surprisingly good beer selection, and their food is great, too.

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      Can you tell me more what The Local is like on a Friday? it looks like from the website that there is a band and dj on Friday nights -- will that make it hard to get a table and some food? I like the idea of a place with good local beers -- one of the reasons for the trip is pay respects to Stone and Pizza Port.

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        Hmm, wasn't aware of the band and DJ. Cafe Chloe has some Stone bottles available.

        Another option I forgot to mention is Downtown Johnny Brown's. He has Stone and Port drafts, and is a big local beer enthusiast.


    2. The Field: Food is pretty good and Guinness (and other beers)

      1. Depends on what kind of scene you want. As Josh mentioned, Cafe Chloe has great food and a really interesting beer list, but it's a bit like sitting as a cafe in Paris...not sure whether this is what you're looking for or not. The Field is also a great place for a beer, although it's about 90 percent male on Friday nights (mostly yuppie frat boys). I'm also not sure what time they stop serving. The food is decent pub grub. Other than that I've had bad experience with the food in the Gaslamp (very overpriced for the quality).

        1. Yeesh, people! Lighten up! The Gaslamp isn't the epicenter of everything overpriced and nasty ... it is what it is: San Diego's downtown nightlife. There's good food there, and there's mediocre food there. There are dance clubs (some hipper than others) and loud bars and the kind of clientele you would expect at all of these places. And guess what?! For some people, that's actually the CHARM of the place.

          Beer + late food service + Gaslamp = The Yardhouse. Yes, yes, it's a bit of a chain (I think there are 5 or 6 around the country), but they have 100 beers on tap, and even after they stop serving the full menu, the late night menu is still pretty extensive (not just burgers).

          The Field is good, but you may be challenged to find a seat after 9 on a weekend (you know, all of those frat boy, erm, young urban professionals?). If you can find a spot, the food is good - boxtys and meat pies and all. And the only place I've been able to find Smithwick's on tap, which is a plus if you love those Irish ales.

          Dussini has okay food but the bar on the top level is pretty cool - lots of pool tables but still hip. I can't speak to the beer selection, but the late night bar food hits the spot.

          Over by the ball park, Basic does a seemingly very simple menu - just pizza. But good pizza, with toppings like mashed potatoes (seriously, it's good) and other "exotic" toppings. Good beer selection. And they serve late - you can get a pizza at 11 if you want one.

          I haven't been to Bondi yet (but am looking forward to it). It's getting good responses on this board, though, so I guess there are others out there who aren't Gaslamp haters! =)

          Happy eating and have a smashing Friday night!

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            Yardhouse is great for food and beers, huge portions and tons of beers.
            Basic is aight but the pizzas are pretty expensive for what you get, and they dont have many beers.

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              Thanks! The Yardhouse is not a bad idea, but I've been to one before. It will be a good backup due to the large beer selection.

            2. "No one goes there anymoe because its too crowded"

              1. Thanks folks. Believe me, Gaslamp on a Friday is not my first choice, but it's where my hotel is, my flight doesn't get in until after 8 and I won't have a car. I'm just looking for a place to unwind with a good beer and some decent food. The less frat boys the better, but I know beggers can't be choosers.

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                  If you're looking for the lowest ratio of frat boys, then Cafe Chloe should be your destination. I've been to YardHouse and the Local Eatery many times, and while the former is frat boy central, and the latter less so, both places are fairly noisy and crowded with people boozing it up. Cafe Chloe has a more relaxing ambience, the food and beer are good, and the meathead ratio is low.

                2. Keep in mind that Cafe Chloe closes at 10. I don't know if they will continue to serve until just before 10 or if they cut if off sooner - you'll want to boogie over there asap in any case. Here's the website (for menu, hours, directions, etc): www.cafechloe.com

                  1. your requirement was good beer and good food. Which is pretty much what everyone wants. Since San Diego has two VERY large universities there you'll have that population.

                    you guys shouldn't be such elitist, dont see anyone posting "i dont want any squares around here"