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Mar 8, 2007 12:39 PM

Freezing Mancatcher or Supernatural Brownies?

Does freezing either of these once baked change their deliciousness in any signficant way?

Would you bake them any differently knowing you were going to freeze them?

I need to make brownies for a girls' weekend I am flying to, so there's going to be at least 36 hours between the latest I can make them and the first we can eat them.

What can I do to make sure they are as delicious as possible?

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  1. I can't speak for the supernatural, but I actually enjoyed my mancatcher brownies better frozen then fresh, as I felt like the freezing increased the density/fudginess of the brownie. However, if what you are hoping for is the original "chewy" texture as opposed to the "fudgy" then you might find that freezing the brownies affects the texture in a negative manner--I'm really not sure.

    To answer your other question, I bake brownies a lot and have never been upset with what happens when I freeze some of them. They thaw very quickly, but also are really good right out of the freezer as they tend to never get rock hard. If you are using the mancatcher recipe, which supposedly gets better with age, I wouldn't worry too much about freezing them if you plan to eat them 36 hours after you make them. Again, I can't speak for the supernatural brownies, though in general I've found that most brownies keep well at room temperature for at least a few days. Good luck!

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      I haven't frozen either of them but haven't found any problems in freezing brownies, either. I really like the glad press and seal for it. You can get a really good seal with it. So, with aluminum, glad press and seal and a zip loc freezer bag (sometimes I'll add wax paper for added measure), freezing brownies has always worked for me.

    2. i freeze brownies all the time. sometimes i eat them still semi-frozen, because they're fudgier. 36 hours isn't that long -- the brownies will still be quite fresh if you wrap them well.

      1. Are you going to be putting the brownies in your checked luggage? My concern is that if the brownie is fudgey, it might be seen by the TSA screener as being a gel and have it confiscated at the security checkpoint if you carry it on. Since the standards vary from screener to screener, just keep that in mind.

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          yeah, I haven't decided if I will check it or carry it on. I know that olive tapenade is a gel, but chocolates aren't so the brownies are a bit iffy. We'll see, it's not for a bit so if there's an orange alert or anything like that, it'll get checked.

        2. The supernatural brownies recipe actually tells you to wait 24 hours before serving, so you'll be fine without freezing. I've had my batch stay chewy and wonderful for many days.