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Mar 8, 2007 11:51 AM

Ideas for late night dinner..

I've got a friend coming for dinner next week, after work and late. Does anyone have any favorite dishes that they like late and are quick and easy for two? Thanks!

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  1. Pasta is quick and easy. sSaute some mushrooms, onions, garlic in good olive oil. Pour over cooked pasta and add grated Parmesan.

    1. I love a late night omelette and toast. Breakfast at night is always yummy.

      1. My favorite late night dinner is grilled cheese and tomato soup.

        1. One of my favorite late suppers are Sonoran style enchiladas. You could have everything ready to assemble. They are stacked and not rolled.

          Make your favorite enchilada sauce or open a can of your favorite brand and heat in a shallow skillet. Chop some iceberg lettuce, a onion, grate about 2 C. Jack chhese, queso enchilado, mild cheddar decide have some sliced black olives on hand if you like them. Usually 3 corn tortillas apiece is good. Fry each corn tortilla until it is just kind of leathery.

          When you are ready to assemble the enchiladas and serve heat oven to 400 F, dip a tortilla in the enchilada sauce and place it on a dinner plate top with cheese, onions and a few sliced olives. Repeat then make the next place. Put the plates in the oven and fry a couple of eggs quickly. To serve garnish around the enchiladas with the chopped lettuce and top the stack with a fried egg.

          it took more time to type out than it does to make them.

          1. spaghetti carbonara. Cook your pasta, and while it's cooking, fry up some bacon crisp, remove from pan to drain and then crumble. Sautee chopped onion and garlic in some of the bacon drippings mixed with olive oil until translucent, set aside. Separate 3-4 eggs, save the whites for some other use. Place yolks in a large bowl and whip until well blended.

            Put about 1/4 or a little less of the hot cooked noodles into the eggs and stir well to temper them, then dump all of the rest of the ingredients together and toss madly. Add some chopped fresh sage and parsley, S&P as desired. Serve with a salad on the side or with steamed asparagus.