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dinner before Angelika movie

I am looking for something interesting and deliciuos before a movie with my boyfriend. Romantic is not necessary but always nice. We love food and want to try everything. Any brilliant ideas in the soho area?

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  1. i love yama, a few blocks west on houston. its a low cost yet dependable japanese place with fresh fish and solid cooked food. if youre in the mood for pizza, arturos is on the same block (i think). citysearch em!

    1. Balthazar.
      Blue Ribbon.

      1. i love going to 'ino on bedford...about a 6 minute walk down houston.

        1. there is an italian wine bar/restaurant across the street that is very good. I can't remember the name of it but it has been written about on the boards

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          1. Thank you all, keep writing but at this point I think I might walk into Lupa and see how long the wait is. If too long, might go to Jane.

            1. Also Blue Ribbon Sushi and Raoul's.

              1. Also, thank you for the Yama recommendation. It is good to know about good, cheapish sushi in the area.

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                  If you're interested in reasonably priced sushi, I'd recommend Marumi on LaGuardia between west 3rd & Bleeker. I love their sushi, but my favorite's their spicy sashimi salad. There's usually a bit of a wait on the weekends, so I'd give myself some ample time before the movie. It's worth the wait - you can't beat the value!

                  Or if you feel like treating yourself to something special, try Ushiwakamaru on Houston between MacDougal & Sullivan. Some of the best sushi I've ever had. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

                2. Kittichai's a far ways down, but worth it. Dos Caminos is extremely close, but everyone on these boards hates it...but local wise, you can't beat it...it's like across the street from the Angelika.

                  1. How about Ghenet, an Ethiopian restaurant, on Mulberry between Houston and Prince? Sharing a plate and eating with your hands can be romantic ;-)

                    1. 5 points in nolita is not far

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                        Five Points is at 31 Great Jones Street, which is more or less in the East Village but definitely not in NoLiTa.

                      2. Kin Khao is reasonably walkable. Spring and W Broadway essentially. Great Thai food. Dark, stylish, romantic setting.