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Mar 8, 2007 11:44 AM

Best place for Foie Gras

Any suggestions for where to go for a great Foie Gras dish? Can be appetizer, entree, in ravioli, etc. In Boston/Cambridge/Brookline if possible.

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  1. Daniel. :)

    Well, around here, No. 9 Park does an interesting one with figs I believe, and Troquet gets raves on this board.

    But still: Daniel.

    1. was just talking about the foie gras at Davios and aujourd hui.....

      As for Daniel, how is it prepared?

        1. Chef Boulud does it any number of ways, but always deftly (he even does a poached version unlike anything I've ever had before - it's unbelievable). The secret is not to even come close to overcooking that delicate interior.

          But to keep this comment on this board, let's talk Boston restaurants. I hear Troquet has a very nice touch with foie gras, but I haven't had it there.

          Comments anyone?

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          1. re: Bostonbob3

            It's good, but I prefer Davios'.

            BTW...I have seen several posts regarding Troquet and some idea that it's closed- that is not true, its the troquet (not affiliated w/ the Boston one) in South coast plaze costa mesa that's closed

            1. re: Bostonbob3

              a lot of foie is poached, most all foie torchons are tradionally poached at a low temp for a short period of time so it is barely cooked at all.

              No9 and troquet are my favorites
              Toro's foie pincho (although small - a pincho) is rather good and simple

            2. Eastern Standard serves it as an appetizer, and I believe they also have a dish with a side of foie gras mashed potatoes?

              I think petit robert has a foie gras, also.