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Mar 8, 2007 11:28 AM

Remember KFC Chicken Littles?

Well, do you?

They no longer exist. The Colonel axed them a while back.

But I'm curious if there is a reasonable facsimile of chicken littles out there somewhere.

Is it the chicken sandwich from White Castle? But I think that's a bit too big ...


Thanks much.

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  1. Mmm... I remember being really young, and my sister and I loved the processed yumminess that was known as the Chicken Little.

    1. I loved Chicken Littles...mostly because I was little and anything fried was amazing. They have a version of the small sandwich at KFC now called a Snacker. Never had one, but I believe it's a similar idea.

      1. Those were the perfect "appetizer" on your way home in the car.

        1. The Snackers are different insofar as they're not nearly as processed as the Chicken Littles were. They actually seem like chicken breast filets (heavily brined) and coated with the extra crispy coating. Size is still small though, like the Chicken Littles. They're actually not bad for $1.

          1. "Chicken littles, you're the one, so happy and so sweet.
            Little bitty, pretty ones, a 49 cent treat."-- KFC jingle for Chicken Littles

            Yes, I remember them. :)