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Mar 8, 2007 11:25 AM

Berkeley Dinner Tonight - not expensive

We're thinking of Kabana, but would like some other suggestions. There'll be 4 of us and we don't want to spend big bucks - under $20 each including everything.

Also were thinking of Indus Village but somebody said the chairs were torture...any info?

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  1. Platano on University has been pretty good last couple times I've been. and the prices are very reasonable.

    1. Ajanta? You can keep it under $20 if you order your entrees a la carte.

      1. You'll also go home hungry.

        I'd recommend Udupi Palace on University if any of your lot are vegetarians.

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        1. re: grishnackh

          We're not vegs, but like veg cooking. Is Udupi Palace ONLY veg?

          Re: Ajanta - While I like the food, the place doesn't appeal to me at all. The last couple of times the place was not very full and it's even more stiff when it's not bustling.

          What is Platano? Central American? Mexican?

          1. re: oakjoan

            Udupi is one of my favorite cheap restaurants. Strictly vegetarian, but I'm a meat-loving omnivore and crave their thali from time to time. Very filling.

            My other favorite cheap places are Holy Land (Israeli / Middle Eastern), Jayakarta (Indonesian), and Lanesplitter (pizza and superior beer).

            New potential favorite is Shanghai, hidden location upstairs above a Durant food court.

            Platano is Salvadorean.

            Indus Village is worth a try. Not everybody hates the chairs.

            1. re: oakjoan

              Platano is Salvadorean, same owners as Kaliente in Pinole. I just went there last night and the pupusas weren't great, but the plantanos con frijoles y crema were very ripe and yummy! Small plates mostly, so it's easy to stay under $20.

              I am a fan of Kabana and like their spice better than Indus Village, but I think Indus Village is a little nicer looking and I really like quite a few of their dishes. But yes, the chairs make my back hurt. They're surprisingly straight. :-/

              I second Udupi Palace!

          2. Plantanos is Central American. It is a branch, so to speak, of Kaliente in El Sobrante which makes good pupusas.

            My computer is crashing, so I can't search. You might consider Chaat & Curries on San Pablo near University. A slightly different spin on Indian ... slightly ... The owners are from Nepal and while nothing is really Nepalese, some of the food is a bit different. I've never been bothered by the chairs at Indus Village. You could always stop by and take them for a test spin.

            1. Udupi is only veg, but I recommend it -- and you'll spend a lot less than $20.

              We had a good meal at Flavors of India at 3211 College (almost at the Oakland border) for $14 apiece, but be sure to order "spicy." And make a reservation - it's been discovered.