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Mar 8, 2007 11:19 AM

Nice Dinner in Las Vegas - May 2007

I'm going to Las Vegas for a girls trip, Memorial Day Weekend 2007. There will be six of us. We're looking to have a great dining experience, hopefully for $100 or under per person. What are the best restaurants (that you can vouch for currently) in that price range?

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  1. What type of cuisine? Will you have a car or willing to take a cab? Are off the Strip restaurants okay? Also, make reservations early as Las Vegas fills up for three day weekends. You also may want to check out other posts on this board as this topic has been discussed.

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      Any cuisine would be fine. Probably not Asian, Steakhouse, or basic/standard Italian. We'll be staying off the strip, so we'll have to take a cab no matter where we go. That's fine. I read about Bouchon, Picasso, and Nob Hill...all top choices, but they look to be more like $150 and up per person. Is that correct? Is the next "tier" down in restaurants a. not that big of a jump b. don't compare to those, so just suck it up and eat at the best places? Oh and I saw mixed reviews on Aureolo (won awards in 99...but is it still up to par...some folks didn't think so...which is what made me post my question.)

    2. You're right that the top places will be out of your range. Even Picasso, which in some ways is a bargain for what you get, will run about $150 per person for food and wine, plus additional bucks for tax and tip. However, there are plenty of good choices for $100/person.

      One possibility is Daniel Boulud (at Wynn Las Vegas). It's a French brasserie that serves very good food. If the weather is nice, try to get a table outside, overlooking Wynn's artificial lake. After dark, there's a modest water show - nothing great, but fun for a few minutes. I've eaten at DB three times, and enjoyed each meal.

      You mentioned Bouchon. That's another possibility. Bouchon offers very simple food, prepared very well. I've only eaten at Bouchon once for dinner, but I virtually live there for breakfast. I prefer Daniel Boulud, but Bouchon is no slouch!

      There are a couple of possibilities off Strip (one - Rosemary's - WAY off Strip), but that could be quite a chore to get to for six people.

      1. If you are into wine there is a restaurant in Summerlin that is called Marche Bacchus...
        a.k.a. the "God of Wine" shop in front and a beautiful bistro style in the
        back on a can buy wine in front, ( they have an extensive selection)
        and for a minimal corkage fee you can enjoy with with the variety of food offered.......
        been there multiple times and never have been let-down........Fridays & Saturdays
        they have many specials,,,,,,,,,

        1. My wife and I did Nobhill for under $200. We each had one drink, shared an app, each had an entree, shared dessert and both had coffee. We went a second time and spent over $300, but she had the lobster pot pie, I had the tasting menu with wine. You can certainly do Nobhill for $100 pp.

          I know you said no steakhouses, but at least read the reviews for Delmonico, it's excellent.

          If you want excellent food without the expense give Rosemary's, off strip a try.

          1. We were a party of 9 that went to Rosemary's and EVERYONE was blown away with the service and the fantastic dinner. We choose the prix fixe and every bite was met with sounds of delight. We took 7 people that never had been there but heard us talk about it and once they got home, they raved about it to everyone. All of us had something different so I can't say one thing stood out (well....the amuse bouche...vegetable bread pudding as a little present to everyone that they give out) because it was ALL delicious. We're going back at the end of the month!