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Mar 8, 2007 11:18 AM



Somewhere to get a drink and a bite before a concert on Queen E.

Hurry! Me hungry!

: )

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  1. how about ultra supper club on queen street?

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    1. Pulp Kitchen at Logan. Reliable Halibut & Chips a bit further east near Carlaw. Dangerous Dan's at Broadview.

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      1. re: mummy2Luna

        Last I checked, Pulp Kitchen wasn't open for dinner. Has that changed?

        1. re: pescatarian

          My bad, they close at 5 weekdays and 4 on weekends. They do open for dinner service during the warmer months, though.

          1. re: mummy2Luna

            No worries. I got excited for a second, because I like it there.

            OP - check out Le Cafe Vert - I believe they are open for dinner these days - I was there last Saturday for lunch and really enjoyed my food

            Barrio is a great place on Queen East as well.

            1. re: pescatarian

              Kubo is good, too, but a bit of a splurge.

              1. re: mummy2Luna

                Sorry, I respectfully disagree. Kubo is just OK, IMO, nothing great.

      2. The Blue Moon for decent pub grub and pints. It's just east of queen on broadview (a few doors down from the opera house.

        1. How about the Real Jerk? Good food and super close to the Opera House!

          1. Barrio is pretty close. Dangerous Dan is a greasy spoon that does a pretty good burger (just west of Opera House on north side of street). My rec. would be the Real Jerk