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Mar 8, 2007 11:15 AM

Romantic restaurant in Boston?? Little Help!

Hi there -
I'm looking for a cute, little restaurant. Not crazy expensive, but certainly not cheap. I'm not looking for basic American food, but maybe something hip/edgy. I live in the North anywhere relatively close? Really I'm open to suggestions. New to Boston and need to take my lady friend out.
If I can't swing it, it might be a 5 scoop sundae night and then no one wins.

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  1. Carmen? Terramia? Rabia's? All in the North End (and all Italian, not "basic American"), all charming/small/romantic, all quite good.

    For a little pricier, but quite romantic and excellent, Mamma Maria, also in the North End. especially romantic if you can snag an upstairs window seat.

    Hip and edgy don't equal romantic to me, so I got nothing there. Maybe The Good Life downtown? Relatively hip, with the excellent former chef from North St. Grille now at the helm. Silvertone? Like I said, hip and edgy and romantic don't equal up.

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      Great suggestions. I think Carmen and Mamma Maria are particularly great for this.

      Also yummy nearby - Sel del la terre. I always find the walk there, from the N. End through the waterfront park, to be kind of romantic. When it's not frigid out.

    2. There are a lot of threads on this site about romantic restaurants, so you might want to do a search within the Boston board.

      A couple that might be worth looking into are Lala Rokh on Beacon Hill (excellent Persian food in a cozy basement location) or Grotto (also on Beacon Hill, an Italian and Mediterranean restaurant that also resides in a basement location, and has some very inventive dishes).

      Both are fairly reasonable (with many entrees being about $20-30 each, plus sides, drinks, dessert, etc.) and both are definitely romantic, IMO.