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Quick lunchtime dessert place in Pasadena?

I'm looking for a place to take a coworker for a decadent birthday dessert treat. We work in Pasadena and have strictly one hour for lunch (though we can take it late, at 1:30, to avoid lunchtime traffic). Going to South Pas or any other city is out of the question. We need to be able to park right out front, so even Old Town is impossible. I read good things here about dessert at Parkway Grill. Is it do-able in this timeframe?
I really wish Soda Jerks hadn't closed, that would've been my first choice.
Any other ideas? I like Dots Cupcakes, but I think it's too cramped to eat in. How about Houston's? Is it too busy?
How is dessert at Hamburger Hamlet? Is there anywhere on Lake Ave. that would be good? Does EuroPane have desserts or is it more of a pastry place?

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  1. Europane has pastrys but they are very good. I love the deep fried ice cream at Mijare's if that is what she is into.

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      Europane also usually has a handful of great cakes -- if you have time you could go by to check it out and see if it's what you are looking for. I'm a fan of their individual, frosted chocolate bundt cake with berries (if they have it -- it may be seasonal). Strangely, their regular chocolate cake is not as good.

    2. You can also try Restaurant 561 (www.561restaurant.com ) or even Maison Akira (www.maisonakira.com ) right up the street.

      Both have easy convenient parking, the latter being valet, but you can generally find street parking on Green during lunch hours.

      1. the tres leches at Madre's off Lake is to die for.

        1. You could try Chado Tea Room on Raymond with 90 minutes free parking in the underground lot just north. Ginger scones, 'nuff said.

          1. it's such beautiful weather. i'd grab a scoop of gourmet gelato at Bulgarini outside. i think they're at caltech during the week right now, but all first to verify:

            (626) 441 - 2319
            (626) 627 - 7640

            parkway does sometimes have a killer chocolate bread pudding.

            1. If Soda Jerks was your first choice, how about Fair Oaks Pharmacy in south pas?

              1. what about pie at pie n burger on lake and calif.

                  1. Pie, at Pie 'n' Burger.

                    1. You could have Pie 'n Burger Pie w/a big slab of a la mode (yum) - not too busy after
                      1 p.m. Hamburger Hamlet too odd. Love, love EuroPane, but it's not very pretty for a b'day celebration. Houston's iffy time-wise - sometimes packed w/big groups celebrating lunch. Parkway Grill wonderful and you could call and see if they'd seat you that fast for dessert. Have you tried dessert @ Central Park (the new Soda Jerks)? I haven't been, but if that's convenient...? You could also buy a wonderful, decadent dessert in advance and go to CalTech or any open air seating near your office to enjoy (w/a split of champagne...?). I won't tell if you won't.

                      1. Thanks thanks for all the ideas. We ended up going to Hamburger Hamlet-hey, not my birthday, so not my choice. And we were worried Parkway Grill and Houston's would take too long. But I want to do ALL of these! Maybe one a week???
                        I declare Dessert Mondays! It'd give me something to look forward to on a Monday.