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Mar 8, 2007 10:54 AM

Seasons in White Plains?

I was told to try a place called Seasons for sushi in White plains. Anyone know anything about it?


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  1. I've been there a couple times. It's not bad. It's a standard neighborhood Japanese sushi joint. It's actually Chinese owned I believe, so it's not a classic authentic nigiri joint like, say, Toyo or Nanase, but the sushi is still reasonably fresh (more of a fun roll place), and the cooked items are tasty and the portions are large. Nothing amazing, but not bad for what it is. It's probably more reasonably priced than the nearby Asian Temptation (although it doesn't have the nice trendy decor of that place.)

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    1. re: jeanki

      So in other words not really worth a special trip into WP?

      1. re: OrganicLife

        IMHO definitely not. They're decent and convenient enough for delivery in a pinch, but nothing to write home about. There's far better sushi in Westchester, check the boards for other suggestions.

      2. re: jeanki

        Sorry but I found the sushi fish to be tasteless. Must be frozen before arrival.

      3. There was a review of the place in this week's White Plains Times, it's probably posted on their website.

        1. Their spicy Tuna rolls are weird . They have these Fibers in them. I guess they use a bad grade of tuna for them.

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          1. re: TheMiZzLe

            I've eaten here a couple of times because I wanted to stay local.

            I really wouldn't recommend it.

          2. The Seasons has great menu for the local lunch crowd, or a quiet, affordable dinner out...but nothing worth a special trip to White Plains. The atmosphere is nice, and the food is very fresh, but nothing to make you say "WOW!".

            1. I tried it again a few weeks ago. Awful. Haiku just opened nearby. This place is finished.