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Mar 8, 2007 10:49 AM

Frog Legs & Foie Gras

I am returning to Paris for my birthday early this spring. I love frog legs and most of the restuarants i frequent never offer them. Is there a hidden gem somewhere I don't know about that serves frogs legs??? I also love foie gras, so any suggestions for a place that serves good foie gras, would be great. One last question, where should I go for the one big wow dinner, or lunch??? Thanks for all your help!! I am staying in the 7th but will travel for the best food you suggest. Happy Chowing!!!

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  1. Frogs legs:
    Les Temps au Cerises, 4th, on the corner of rue du Petit Musc & therue Cerisaie. Lunch only, Mon thru Fri.
    Cafe Sully [I think], cafe in the 4th on the on Rue St. Antoine, they have frog's legs as an entree.
    foie gras: the foie gras served as an entree [and made in house] at La Biche au Bois, 45 Av. Ledru-Rollin, 12th, near the Gare de Lyon is great. This place is open Mon-Fri for lunch and dinner. Has a great twenty something euro menu, really good food.

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      I have eaten the foie gras at La Biche au Bois, and it was very good!! Thanks for the other suggestions!!

    2. For a birthday meal, I think you can do no better than lunch at Taillevent. Their 70 Euro Special is a worthy celebration, and if you choose, you can go up from there, but I don't see the need. The last b'day I celebrated in Frane was there, and they gave me a gorgeous dessert wheeled in on a special cart, and everyone, including the owner came in to sing Bon Anniversaire to me.

      I'd be delighted to repeat that experience!

      1. ....and they have a first course which is a risotto with frogs legs on the top (Epeautre du pays de Sault en risotto: Cuisses de grenouille). You may be lucky and it may be on the day you visit.