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Mar 8, 2007 10:45 AM

Restaurant for Large Group Stamford/Greenwich

Can anyone recommend a restaurant with very good to excellent food (Stamford, Greenwich, South Norwalk etc) that can accommodate a large group (appx. 25 people) that is moderately priced? Napa was $105 per person before alcohol and tip. The set menu at Match started at $65 per person. We ate at Siena last time our group got together and while the service was excellent, I was not in love with the food.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. re: Fairfield Foodie

        Double F has a good idea as well. Eclisse is pretty good for parties. Large family style dishes, pretty good food and atmosphere.

        My only reservation is location. It's a little off the beaten path. Mrs Jfood not crazy about beingthere by herself at night. Just some food for thought.

      2. Was definitely not trying to compare Siena and Napa - they are on two different levels. I am actually eating there next Friday night with a group on a smaller scale. Some people in the large dinner group have a problem shelling out that much money for a meal.

        $50 - $60 pp would be reasonable.

        Thanks for the quick responses.

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        1. re: jenstella

          I agree $60 can make a hughe impact on Your pocket!!
          Siena is good, I think there is a place for evryone, and some places are way too expensive

        2. Barcelona maybe? I ate there with a group of 15 last year and I don't remember it being overly expensive.

          1. I hated the one meal I had at Siena. The food was so-so and the service absentee. They did nothing when I stabbed the inside of my mouth with a bone that was in my duck ragu. They told me " well, now you know we use real duck!" I was bleeding! Never again!
            What about the place in Greenwich - Solaria.?

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            1. re: MRS

              Siena, sure it has been there a long time...
              Where is Solara located?

              1. re: kiwano

                Solaria is on the corner opposite Richard's on Greenwich Ave.

                1. re: MRS

                  is that where sage was a while back?