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Restaurant for Large Group Stamford/Greenwich

Can anyone recommend a restaurant with very good to excellent food (Stamford, Greenwich, South Norwalk etc) that can accommodate a large group (appx. 25 people) that is moderately priced? Napa was $105 per person before alcohol and tip. The set menu at Match started at $65 per person. We ate at Siena last time our group got together and while the service was excellent, I was not in love with the food.

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    1. re: Fairfield Foodie

      Double F has a good idea as well. Eclisse is pretty good for parties. Large family style dishes, pretty good food and atmosphere.

      My only reservation is location. It's a little off the beaten path. Mrs Jfood not crazy about beingthere by herself at night. Just some food for thought.

    2. Was definitely not trying to compare Siena and Napa - they are on two different levels. I am actually eating there next Friday night with a group on a smaller scale. Some people in the large dinner group have a problem shelling out that much money for a meal.

      $50 - $60 pp would be reasonable.

      Thanks for the quick responses.

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        I agree $60 can make a hughe impact on Your pocket!!
        Siena is good, I think there is a place for evryone, and some places are way too expensive

      2. Barcelona maybe? I ate there with a group of 15 last year and I don't remember it being overly expensive.

        1. I hated the one meal I had at Siena. The food was so-so and the service absentee. They did nothing when I stabbed the inside of my mouth with a bone that was in my duck ragu. They told me " well, now you know we use real duck!" I was bleeding! Never again!
          What about the place in Greenwich - Solaria.?

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            Siena, sure it has been there a long time...
            Where is Solara located?

            1. re: kiwano

              Solaria is on the corner opposite Richard's on Greenwich Ave.

              1. re: MRS

                is that where sage was a while back?

          2. You can always call Telluride to find out, prices are a bit up there, but for what You get on the plate is good and You will be satisfied.
            Alternative to that You can call Gaia on Greenwich avenue food is great also, and it has plenty of room