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Mar 8, 2007 10:06 AM

Pittsfield - Dinner / Drinks???

I'm going to be in Pittsfield this coming weekend for a wedding. We plan on staying overnight on Friday to make it easy on Saturday. Are there any decent dinner options out here or within a fairly short drive?

Also, since the wedding will be on St. Patrick's Day, are there any bars in the area that might be fun on Friday? Irish pubs?

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  1. surprisingly there are a few good options right in Pittsfield..they should have are two to start you off

    Spice restaurant. on North St (the main drag through town)..has a large bar area also
    Brix Wine Bar..across the street from hotel - Crown Plaza I think

    1. Also Pittsfield Brew Works has a good beer selection (brewed there), including cask conditioned ale. They're downtown at 34 Depot St.

      1. Patrick's Pub is right across rte. 7 from the Crown Plaza and does Patty's Day right. Bousquet Ski area, a little south, does an "Irish Olympics" with green snow and live music. Mazzeo's Restaurant is great for Italian but a little difficult to find. I've eaten at Spice a few times, you're better off having appetizers in the bar area, dinners can be disappointing. The better restaurants are mainly in Lenox and Great Barrington (south) or Williamstown and North Adams (north). Matt Reilly's on the lake (rte 7) has great seafood at reasonable prices and an Irish flair. Erin Go Braugh!