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Mar 8, 2007 10:05 AM

chicago-style hot dogs in oak brook?

i'm looking for a delicious and local vienna beef stand in or near the suburb of oak brook, illinois? any suggestions?

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  1. Portillo's has delicious hot dogs, some of the best in the area. They are locally owned and have 30 or so locations. Their Downers Grove and Elmhurst locations are the closest to Oak Brook, within a few miles to the West or North respectively. There website is

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    1. re: marciab

      It's ironic that Portillo's doesn't have a retail location right in Oak Brook itself, since that's where their corporate headquarters is located.

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        Also try the Italian beef and the Beef and sausage combo...great stuff! Not a big fan of chains but this one is special. I think that it would thrive in any city.

      2. Another vote for Portillo's.

        1. There's a sizeable hotdog-oriented restaurant at the corner of Midwest Road and Butterfield Road in Oak Brook. It's been some years since I've been there, but I remember it as having pretty good dogs.

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          1. re: MikeLM

            You are referring to:

            D's Diggety Dog Diner
            2121 Butterfield Rd
            Oak Brook, IL 60523
            (630) 932-8588

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              See? I told you they were hot dog-focused.