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Mar 8, 2007 09:59 AM

Good bars in Lincoln Park on St. Patty's Day

I'm trying to find out the best bars to go to during the day next weekend in the Lincoln Park area. I know there are plenty of bars in the area but I'd like to get some suggestions as to people's favorite spots for the holiday. Not really looking for a place with a 35$ cover and a buffet or anything like that. Also, don't really want a place that has a band playing all day. After awhile it gets difficult to shout over the live music.


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  1. Check this site out: http://www.chicagohappyhour.com/stpat...

    FYI St Patty's Pub Crawl 2007 is the only thing I know that's up to date on my friend's website. He always organized a group of us for St. Patty's... so he finally just added it to a website and we've been doing this pub crawl for the past 4 years. He tweaks it up each year based on our previous year's experience.

    As far as I can remember... no cover at these places. If you want to join - great! but if not... just take a look at the list and get an idea.

    1. Is this a joke? All LP bars are pretty much Irish, and all of them will have a TON of people in them.

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        Actually, pretty much all LP bars are "Irish".

        1. Wow. Did you finally come back to look at responses to your question NINE DAYS after St. Patrick's Day? That is one helluva hangover!

        2. Retrospectively - this year St. Patrick's day was on a Saturday, and pretty much every bar we passed during the day was a zoo - lines out the door and crazy busy. All bars, Irish themed or not, had green trimmings up, lots of beer flowing, party hats, etc. So probably, the best bet would have been to go where you normally hang out, or a bar that had decided not to get crazy with the holiday and just be normal. So that being said, I'd recommend the Charleston any time. It's a quiet neighborhood place AND was the first bar to go non-smoking in Chicago (before the law was in place). They don't have food, but they are fine with people bringing in or ordering takeout from local places (Honey 1 is only a few blocks away). Technically it's not in Lincoln Park, but it's not far from there, easy to take the Armitage or Fullerton bus across and walk over.

          2076 N. Hoyne Ave.