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Mar 8, 2007 09:38 AM

How long is the wait at Babbo Bar?

How long is the wait at 5:30 pm for 2 people at Babbo on a Friday to sit at one of the unreserved tables or at the bar? And is the bar uncomfortable? Any advice about the bar?

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  1. At 5:30, I don't think very long at all, in fact you should be fine. I've gone many times, and I'd say the longest I've ever waited was 45 min during rush hour.

      1. My wife and I went this past Saturday around 6:30. We were told about 45 minutes, and it wound up being a bit shorter than that. The week before I went alone on a Saturday around the same time and waited maybe 10 minutes. I find the bar very comfortable, and what's nice is the two bartenders are always there, so you are never wanting for attention. My advice is order the pasta tasting menu along with the riserva wine pairing and the both of you will be happy campers.

        1. that's probably one of the best times to be there...except if you plan on ordering pasta. The pasta water won't be really "heady" yet from multiple orders going in it, but the people eating at 7pm will thank you for it. That being said, you should have no problem getting a seat at the bar...and when 9pm rolls around, you'll be happy to get the hell out of the front room. Try to sit as far to the right of the bar (or as far to the left) as you can.

          1. Thank you so much for all the helpful responses; I think I will try 5:15 p.m. waiting outside to sit at the bar / table so hopefully there will be no wait?