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Mar 8, 2007 09:27 AM

Chikalicious or Room 4 Dessert?

Which is better choice for a decadent, 30th B-day dessert experience?

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  1. Completely off track on both accounts. ChikaLicious/Room 4 dessert are more high-end experiences. For decadence, you may wish to explore Max Brenner.

    1. "Completely off track" is a bit hyperbolic. The question is straightforward: she's asking about two specific restaurants (dessert-aurants?), so why not respond to that rather than focus on the word "decadent."

      ChowDiva, if you're still checking in: Chikalicious is quite good, more traditional, and almost always has a long wait. R4D is more avant-garde, if that term can be applied to dessert, and may not satisfy unless you're really going for a unique experience. Check out their online menus; that's usually the best way to decide.

      1. Chickalicious doesn't have a very decadent atmosphere. Also...the portions are very very small and it doesn't seem very decadent. It was ok...but I've had much better dessert other places. What kind of "decadent" do you mean? If you want to go all out (huge slices, etc.) I'd look at Serendipity. I know it's cliche, but might be fun.

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          Jewsaleh is absolutely correct in comment above. You must savor ChikaLicious in the same way in which you might savor fine caviar or precious gems. Small portions with stunning flavor combinations. You may have to order the "entire menu" to obtain the decadence you seek. For $12 plus $7 for additionals...a small pittance. Atmosphere is quite charming. Sit at the counter and be part of the magic. R4D is lounge/bar like, but in a good way; and desserts are usually pretty good. Lively atmoshpere. Once again, Max Brenner...check it out. No wait, cute, two locations, and enormous portions. Happy 30th!

          1. re: craigg

            Every time I've walked past Max Brenner EV on a weekend night, it's been packed, with a wait. Additionally, it may be decadent, but it's not very high quality chocolate. It's more like "novelty" chocolate, with a focus on the experience/whimsical nature.

            I'd rather buy a big box of Jacques Torres' work or Kee's to get my chocolate fix. That said, I do like their Italian hot chocolate.

          2. re: izzizzi

            i found chickalicious to be creepy and pretentious and i was quite hungry for something sweet after i left. although well-executed and smartly conceived from the savant chef chika, the porions are silly and the presentation over the top "get over yourself "
            can anyone else speak to max brenner. is it good?

            1. re: jsmitty

              Max Brenner has stale chocolate croissants and their hot cocoa was watery and thoroughly unappetizing - I've had cups of Swiss Miss that tasted better.

              The bald man's chocolate is an overpriced ruse for tourists and I grimace every time I walk by either location. There is no way that it is decadent. From what I understand, it's Hershey's entry into the "dessert destination" game but I think regular Hershey's tastes better than the dregs they serve at Max Brenner's.

              Payard on the other hand would be a sublime choice for the OP, as I have no personal experience with R4D or Chikalicious. Payard recently introduced some new cakes and torts that are to die for, and their macaroons taste like heaven.

              1. re: windycity

                Max Brenner owned by Hershey?

                No, it's an Israeli chain founded by Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner. There is no Max Brenner -- it's the combination of their two names.

                Anyway, don't go to Max Brenner. It's the Applebee's of chocolate, as some hounds have said. It's all novelty chocolate, and not high quality at all.

          3. What about Payard? Posh space, beautiful desserts, and it takes reservations.

            If you're planning to celebrate your b-day with more than one person, Chikalicious will be tough... it's a teeny space... I'm not familiar with R4D.

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              R4D will also be difficult with a party of more than two -- the whole thing is set up like a giant bar so you can watch the staff assemble your desserts.

              The portions at R4D are definitely bigger if you order one of the tastings. You'll leave satisfied but not stuffed. If you want to be bursting with cake/pie/ice cream/etc. you'll have to turn somewhere else...

            2. You could try Cafe Sabarsky or Cafe des Artists.

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                stole my thunder with sabarsky it is special!